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Millionaire Maker Ezine

I Will Coach 10 People On How To Make $10K A Month

Anyone on the Planet can do this!

Anyone on the Planet can do it.


This is your invitation to apply for one of these 10 positions (including the Planet).  That's over 1M annual income!

I am looking for 10 people only, who are committed to making $10K per month, every month. I call it the 100K project, where the 100K stands for you making $100,000 annual income easily (It will take about 6 months to get there).

Now, through experience I know I will receive many responses to this email. And since I am only taking on 10 people, I will send you a qualification page.

Once people have sent in their qualification page, I will choose the 10 people I want to work with.

I will coach you until you make $1,000 per month (that will take about 3 weeks). After that it is just a matter of continuing to apply the same principles.

The next milestone is $10,000 per month (that will take about 3 months).

And making $100,000 per month will take anywhere from 6 months to 9 months.

What am I charging for this?


That's right, nothing.


Because your success will be my success.

If you make $1,000, I will make $1,000.

If you make $10,000, I will make $10,000 If you make $100,000, I will make $100,000

What does it take?

Integrity, communication, work and most important: the ability to follow instructions well, (about 1-2 hours per day, until you reach the first goal of $1,000 per month).

What will your hard cost be?

$10.00 per month plus a one-time $97.00 fee, which you most likely will make back within one or two weeks, plus any money you may pay for advertising. Please note that the $97.00 fee is not a payment for the coaching program, which is free, but is a fee to set up your business.

(It is not a requirement that you pay for advertising.)

In addition to the above there is another one-time fee of $10.00 for a program that can make you wealthy all by itself.

If you can't afford $10.00 per month plus the one-time $97.00 and one-time $10.00 you should not apply.

If you are interested and committed to making $10,000 per month, copy and paste the email below and send it to me no later than midnight tomorrow.

(Serious people only please)

Good luck,

Rolfe H. Geen
The Secret To Success

Send the email below to:

In the subject line write: I want to qualify for the 100k project.

Copy and paste the following message into the body:

Hi Rolfe,

Please send me the qualification page for the $100K project.

My name is:    
My email address is:
My phone number is:


$10,000 A MONTH



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