Updates, Leadership Shenanigans, and Some Cool Future Plans…

by David Wood | on Nov 28th 2011 | No Comments

Hey everyone :-D

I wanted to get this message out about 4 hours earlier, and be sleeping right now…

…just so you know - I’m dedicated to your success – regardless of the random monkey that attacks my internet in Costa Rica :)

Have I told you that you’re awesome lately?

Anyways, enough said – watch the video (long) and…

…just do what it says, and let’s make some money, ok?

(Daily swipe and strategy following – copy, paste, and send)

Ok, Here you go (automatically plays):

As for leadership strategy – let’s chat a bit about tonight’s call – these Monday 9pm EST calls have literally been called in to by thousands of people per week…

…more than that, though – this week – we’re going to show you HOW we can put an extra $15,000 per month into your pocket (no guarantee – let’s just teach you HOW, and we’ll take it from there… See this.)

Anyways, I’m off to bed – here’s some quick Email Swipe:

(Let’s bring in 600 members tomorrow)

Ok, here it is…


Can I give you $15,000 this month?


I hope you had a good thanksgiving…

…mine was kind of unique – this year,
rather than just a ‘hearty meal’

I was actually a part of this:

In case you’re not familiar with
marketing shenanigans…

…you’re looking at $1,159,523.20

…paid out in 100% commissions :-D

Now, normally – that would be nothing
to sneaze at -

- because that’s what most people would
be BRAGGING about over 2 or 3 YEARS…

…the unique thing about that, though:

That was 4 weeks (even) in 100%
commissions :-D

See – that wasn’t $1.15 million in ‘Guru
Cash’ that was held at the top of a mountain…

…as you’ll see in THIS VIDEO:


The ‘gurus’ barely got any of it.

This was 100% paid to the people.



FRUSTRATED newbies :-D

People just like YOU.

Have you seen this yet?


Here’s the SIMPLE:

While you’ve been sitting there…

…probably broke :-D

(no offense – Dave Wood started in a van)

I’ve been raking in 100% commissions -
all online…

…without ever picking up the phone.

While you’ve been struggling with setup,
FTP nonsense, and trying to learn what
a ‘server cluster’ is…

…I’ve been raking in 100% commissions,
and to be honest -

- I don’t even want to make a product.

Here’s the simple:

Don’t make me a Guru – just give me
the money.

Does that sound fair?

Watch this:

Tonight, at 9pm EST (sharpe – no pun intended)

We’re getting together…

…with a plan.

To give YOU $15,000 monthly.

No guarantees.

No hype.

No bull.

You can follow the plan or not.

That’s up to you.

We’ll lay it out – show you the

…it’s up to you to take action.

Dave Wood has used this to sponsor
more than 3,500 people in one year…

…9,329 people have used this to earn
more than $1,159,523.20 in the last
4 weeks alone…

Will you take action?

Join us:



…be here at 9pm EST:

Dial in #: 712-432-0900
Access Code: 113543

Enough with the bull.

Other people are telling you to be a Guru.

I’ve seen a lot of good people go
broke trying to be something
they’re not…

…and I’ve seen a lot of average
people make a LOT of money
being who they are :-D

You don’t have to be a Guru…

…let me just help you get paid
like one.


Watch this:

Be Here at 9pm EST:

Dial in #: 712-432-0900
Access Code: 113543


…let’s lock arms, and fight the forces
of evil.

In Success,

My Picture

Rolfe H. Green
EN Founding Member


P.S. (post swipe) Leave your thoughts in the comments below – are you ready to make money and have integrity, too? Hint: See the video…

…also – check the Inner Circle membership today – I’ll be uploading an interview with none other…

…than the Man, the Myth, the LegendRob Fore.

Click Here to Upgrade and Listen In (later today)

Oh – and leave your thoughts :-P

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