We’ll Show You How To Put $3,000 - $5,000 Of Cash Per Week In Your Pocket, By Following These Simple Instructions.  The Cash Flows Will Be Deposited Direct To Your ATM Or Sent To Your Mailbox, Starting Today!  Welcome To The Green Machine!!

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JOIN A FOOL PROOF PROGRAM!  YOU WILL EARN 100% PROFIT IN THE AMOUNTS OF $25, $50, $250, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, UPTO $10,000.  COMPLETE SYSTEM AT $20,000.

GUARANTEED INCOME EXTRA!  We Personally Guarantee You’ll Make Money Within 5 – 6 Weeks Or You’ll Get Your Money Back.  

You are holding the most profitable and unique opportunity for putting large amounts of cash in your pocket starting today you’ve ever seen!  The Daily Income Maker has continued to demonstrate its ability to generate large sums of money and is showing fantastic appeal with a huge and ever growing population which needs additional income.  

That’s right; the online industry will pay out billions of dollars in the coming years to people just like you and me.  I’ll show you how to get your FULL SHARE and back it up with a proven, legal, and ethical system.  With little effort involved, here you can withdraw GIGANTIC $25, $50, $250, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, $10000, OR EVEN $20,000 cash flows from your ATM bank account every single day of the year as long as you live. 

That means just 15 minutes a day for 30 days could put more than $30,000 in your pocket paid direct to you.  In a few days could expect to receive $500 ATM withdrawals.  Our top earners have $5,000 + days easily!  

We will show you the 3 Steps To Success that we use to make money every day.  Learn principles of success that you can apply in your own business to make money today.  

All you have to do:  Take the 3 Steps To Success taught in Basic Training.  As an Active Member you become eligible for FREE Basic Training by adding Skype ID dailyincomemaker to your contact list.  Making money’s as simple as the ABC’s…


We’re showing people how to reach their goal of making a Million Dollars with just 10 qualified people in their downline!  

You’ll find nothing else like this!  We accept PIF (Pay It Forward) requests from people who don’t have any money…  But if a person wants to succeed at the highest levels, he or she will acquire the money necessary to get started today!  If you want to make 100% profit by the end of the day, you will find a way to achieve that end at the highest level at which you’re capable.  You will get paid at the level you think you can achieve, no more, no less.  How much you make depends on what ACTION you take!  So go for it!  

You only cheat yourself, if you do not do your best.  No one else can cheat you with this business opportunity.  

  1. There’s no admin fee
  2. It’s 100% profit!  
  3. Paid member to member.  
  4. Free training for active members.  
  5. You can PIF.  
  6. Join the Fast Team.
  7. No sponsoring required.
  8. No overhead.
  9. No phone calls necessary.  
  10. No meetings (unless you want to make new friends that will teach you the steps to success they took)


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You don’t have to wait to earn cash flows.  It’s up to you how fast you want to go!  The Green Machine uses Maximum Leverage to accelerate your progress!  See how by placing your contact details in the form at the bottom of this page, and clicking the word ‘submit’.  The system’s spam free:  So, only you get emails.  





j0222015This is a SIMPLE, LEGITIMATE, LEGAL, AND FUN money making opportunity that you can do any time at home.  It does not require you to come into contact with people, do any hard work, and best of all, you never have to leave the house, except to go to your front door to pick up your cash in the mail from your express delivery service, or to the nearest one of your bank ATMs to make a quick withdrawal of your cash.  If you believe some day that you will get that lucky break that you have been waiting for happening, THIS IS IT!

j0222021Thousands of people have used this program to raise capital to pay off all their debts, start their own business, buy a luxury home or car, and even travel.  Many have fired their boss to retire!

j0222019Folks, do you get excited about the potential of earning $5,000 per week?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like for FedEx to show up at your doorstep 3, 4, or 5 times a day, or to go to your ATM every day with thousands of dollars in it for you?  Picture this, the postman’s delivering several envelopes full of cash, and your ATM’s flowing with money anywhere from $25 CASH TO $1000 CASH OR MORE from each envelope or bank withdrawal.

It’s happening every day for active members, and we’ll even pay your way into the magic money maker, let you speak with other members, your sponsor, and up line, whoever sent you this important opportunity.  You’ll be able to speak with them on the phone, send text messages, and chat daily with real live people who care about your success!  

We have spent over 20 years researching and documenting every type of business opportunity to find one that works for you.  We looked at every work from home program we could possibly find.  And we found the falling short of making you daily income.  After testing and analyzing thousands of different ventures, we settled on one type of venture where you get paid hourly every single day.  The payout was extremely high and the risk practically non-existent (even if you did only the minimum amount of work:  only the 3 Steps To Success required).   That “something” we found works so well, it’s what we call “A Two Up Plan” or “The Green Machine 2 Up” concept (with the PIF).  So anyone, even you, can get started making money on the Internet every day.  I hope you’re excited, because you’ll find nothing like this anywhere:  a highly successful, proven business that’s been working for years, that’s easy for you to start and promote successfully, and that has long term, guaranteed income.  So many people have taken an interest in what we have to say, the business exploded.  Give yourself this exceptional chance to learn about these principles to success that have created wealth for our members.  Learn the methods we use to become a success.  

We really know that there have been many different programs that have used variations of marketing techniques.  Some of them have promised you incredible amounts of money if you would follow their advice.  In some cases they may have worked.  From our research we know that virtually all of these programs in the past have failed for many people.  We did an in depth study of the causes of their failure, e.g. they were not reliable, they made promises they didn’t keep, they continually changed the program, or switched the operations, reduced the earnings, or left the marketing team high & dry when their members made great efforts to become successful.  We look at every type of program we could find:  drop shipping, affiliate programs, top mentors, expert systems, and all the get paid directly programs we could find who promised the Secret To Success but as usual failed deliver.  Because of this large number of failures, many network marketing and direct sales programs have gone out of business. The number 1 question we had to ask to get answers was ‘Why did they fail?’   They all lacked cash flows.  They were short term.  And they only rewarded the top members:  the gurus.  From experience we know that the concept of earning money from home is TRULY SOLID.  NO ONE NEEDS TO GO WITHOUT CASH FLOWS.  Here are the top 2 reasons we found that people failed in every program:

  1. The program operators were frauds, the programs too expensive, and the methods too difficult to learn.  Red Flag here!  Never send the funds of your business to someone else to hold while you wait until you get paid!  Only send funds to get paid yourself directly 100% profits.   Never send a guru or ‘monitor’ all of the funds to disburse, only send to them their basic admin fee for joining the cooperative, not everyone else’s commissions, profits, or earnings.  Get paid today!
  2. The business owners, or monitors never sent the money;  they were really promoting an illegal pyramid scheme offering no real valid product (like the advertising we offer), and the postal authorities began receiving alarming calls leading to an eventual shut down by the government.  Who hasn’t experienced that problem?  

The business you’re looking at here has been in faithful operation for a long time, making many people successful, and will make a lot more people successful in the future.   It gives you the opportunity to multiply your income at once – with no waiting to receive earnings.  You will be working with The Best Team in the industry with great prospects for success!

While we can’t guarantee your income before you get started, we assure you that if you follow our example, you will experience big changes in your life.  So, sign up now, take part in the training, and get started making money today.  Many members who joined are making money for the first time ever, and are happy with their results.  We’ve made it as easy as possible for you.  The only thing you have to do is set your sight on the moon, and launch your business successfully from the pad of The Green Machine!  We will show you exactly how to do that.  

Don’t fall for that first reason, where the program operators want you to send them “ALL” of your hard earned money.  Or they want to give you some piddling profit that never allows you to break even.  {Why shouldn’t you KEEP ALL OF THE PROFITS YOU EARNED AND SEND THE PERSON WHO OFFERED YOU THIS OPPORTUNITY TO EARN MONEY his reward by paying him directly just as you yourself would like to get paid daily.  We have eliminated the problem of failure due to expensive websites that don’t work for you by creating the Money Magic program in which you get 100% of the profits directly yourself – and you get to use The Green Machine to promote your business FREE.  You’ll be able to call your uplines, participate in hangouts, and speak with members directly to verify they’re receiving commissions straight to their door or ATM bank.  The cash flows come straight to your address or local ATM.  

You won’t have to worry about the second reason, either, because we offer true products which you can evaluate, use, and enjoy.  All of our members earn sales revenue from advertising  products like these.  You may notice that you cannot call us until you sign up on the form!  We don’t provide any training until you become an active member.  So, don’t waste your time.  We have made the program so easy for you.  All you need to do now is sign up on the form and follow the instructions to get started making money online.  We’ll take care of the rest.  Watch the money roll into your account instead of some rich guru’s…


You have in your hands one of the greatest opportunities on the Internet.  You’ve read a brief description of how it can work for you, too.  If, after reading all of this information, you desire to be a big success, and would like to get started making money, follow the instructions to join by going to the sign up form – and easily submit your spam free contact details.  Then follow the instructions you’re sent to reach your sponsor, or mail him your commitment to join by placing your money in an envelope addressed to his home.  Your new members will do the same for you.  Remember admin will confirm that he has received your funds.  Tech support will answer any additional questions you may have.  We will also give you all the instructions on how to get started making money, including your links to success, your sponsors phone #, and his email address, as well as his FaceBook page to like…  You send your sponsor his funds, and send us an email to to indicate your interest.  Remember, your sponsor will receive his commission directly from you and we will not touch any member funds.  

** Our Office hours are 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. EST Monday through Friday.  Regular business hours are the easiest time to reach us on the phone.  We will answer your call, and if you’re directed to voice mail because we’re away from the phone or busy temporarily, leave a message and we’ll return the call the same day if possible.  Some one will usually reach in an hour or two.  We will definitely get back to you.**  



Let’s Talk About The Money And How You Get Paid!

If you like the idea of getting paid from your own business HUGE PROFITS with low costs, practically no overhead, and quick results for your efforts, pay close attention to this.


First of all, there are several different entry levels at which you can join.  We have chosen numerous different entry levels because we feel that with these options there is a level that will fit anyone’s budget.  Moreover, each level uses Maximum Leverage to the next highest level.  

The levels are as follows:  $25, $50, $250, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, and $10,000 upto $20,000 or more depending on the Elite qualifications.  At each level you will earn 100% Profit for each new member referral to your downline no questions asked.  You will not be bogged down with admin fees – ever!  So, you may receive direct payments from $25 - $20,000 – A WHOPPING 100% per referral.

Note*  Your joining at the lower level will not allow you to earn commissions at the higher levels until after you qualify.  For example, let’s say Mike joins at the $500 level.  Let’s also say that Mike refers someone who joins at the $1000 level.  Mike will only earn a commission off the $500 level at which he enrolled.  The money that’s left  he’ll pass up to his sponsor!   When he qualifies, he’ll be able to receive 100% profits from his own downline at the level he upgrades.  Another way of earning money depends on The Green Machine 2 Up System.  It’s important to realize that the level at which you join does make a difference.  You want to join at the highest possible level to receive funds passed up to you from your downline members in the 2 Up Plan.  That way you make money a lot faster!  You receive payments from all members in your downline in the 2 Up Plan to infinity.  The payments grow exponentially with the size of your organization.  So, building strong teams that look out for each other will maximize your leverage, so that  you earn more and more income, whether you work or not.  You may reach a point where you don’t even have to sponsor people to earn a huge income as your organization continues to grow over time.  We call this form of income residual.

Now let’s explain to you an additional way of earning come.  It’s called Residual Income.  Let’s take a look at another example of someone who joined and how the Residual Income that’s built into this program helped to explode the business…  Cindy joins the Money Magic program to make 100% Profit in payments direct to her ATM.  She uses The Green Machine to create Maximum Leverage.  With the 2 Up Plan what we call ‘Gifts Roll Up’ start causing cash to flow into her ATM account and mailbox VERY FAST.  When Cindy started her business, she joined at the highest level she could afford (even jumping ahead of some other people at the lower levels).  She chose the $1000 level and she had 5 people who instantly recognized the income power of the Money Magic Program.  They all joined at the $1,000 level, too, following her example.  They joined at the same level with her help.  Joining up was simple.  It was easy.  It was fast.  All they had to do:  Send her the payment and confirm the amount with admin so that they could receive their own Start Up Package.  From that point on her business just grew and grew.  There was nothing to stop its growth.  It exploded.   The teams business also grew exponentially.  

Well multiply those 5 people x $1000.  That’s $5000, right?  Actually she received many times that automatically in 100% cash flow.  The company compensation plan automatically refers the first 2 sales to your mentor (the person who originally brought you into the program).  This is where Residual Income really begins to take effect, and you receive cash in your ATM night and day…  It’s more like $15000 that she received!  And it just keeps on coming.  

Now, you may think ‘What a great idea!’  How can I do that?  That’s exactly why Cindy’s income exploded, and your income can explode, too!  From this point on, after your first 2 sales (and possibly your 1 PIF qualifier), you’re instantly qualified FOR LIFE to earn many thousands of dollars in revenue from the sales of your products and advertisement (which as we will show you will also pay you additional money in an ever increasing CASH FLOW)!  This is real money!  100% of the money is sent immediately to your door.  Or you may withdraw it from your ATM locally – or wherever  you may be!  You get money sent directly to you, not your sponsor, not the company, and certainly not any so called ‘guru’…  Money is coming to you first!  You see, when the Money Magic System makes the 3rd sale for Cindy (Let’s assume Cindy’s 3rd Sale was a lady with the name Lauren) and Lauren is her 3rd Sale, Cindy will earn her first $5000, right?  Well, when Lauren makes her first 2 sales, these will also automatically be referred to Cindy.  That’s another $10000 for Cindy that she has earned for herself.  And you can do that, too!  But wait, it gets even better, because Lauren’s first 2 sales will also be referring their first 2 sales to Cindy, and so on it goes…  forever.  That’s another $20,000 for Cindy!  Do you get the picture?  This is hugely profitable and all you have to do to get started is just sign up now!  

 That’s Phenomenal and that’s why Cindy’s income has more than tripled from $20000 to nearly $60000 in just a few short weeks – not even a month  We call this type of payout plan a two-up + PIF (or Pay It Forward) direct pay system.  You don’t have to wait for anyone to pay you, and no one gets in your way to receive money daily at your home; you can receive money in your mailbox, online in your inbox, or by means of your ATM cash machine - daily withdrawals!  Day in and day out you’ll be able to receive money into your own business.  Earn income at which ever level you choose.  You can upgrade to even higher levels in due time.

The great thing about this program is that there is no middle man touching your money.  Your money is immediately paid directly to your ATM or delivered to your mailbox, or sent by email to your inbox by means of a note from an online exchange service.  You can even get paid within seconds!  All cash payments from your downline  get paid direct to you.  They may arrive in just a matter of days, not months, nor years.  You don’t have to wait to get paid again.  

Now, we know that not everyone will know 5 people to join their first day.  But in fact from that 3 sale on into the future, this marketing system will leverage so powerfully, that it could put more cash in your bank account than you could ever imagine!  

If you want CASH, you don’t need a guru.  In fact, you might not even need a stamp…  At the click of a button, you can use the power of the Internet to start cash flows into your own bank account.  With The Green Machine you can apply Maximum Leverage to promote your business successfully worldwide.  It offers a complete system of training, videos, and tools to reach a massive audience of hot buyers on a shoe string budget.   

Work with the Top Internet Marketers in promoting your own business, branding your name, building a huge income, and creating new wealth.   It’s a complete system that works for you automatically.  All you have to do now is follow the 3 Steps to Success we use to make money online every day!

Cash flow’s extremely important.  The #1 reason most businesses fail, and die out – and dreams evaporate – is the lack of cash flow.  They don’t have products which generate revenue, or make sales that create cash flows, or keep their expenses down to make profits.  They don’t have daily income paid by the hour.  But, now you do have cash flow with The Daily Income Maker.  And we will show you  how to withdraw cash from your own business ATM account!  Now all you have to do is get started making money every day.  

Let’s reiterate how we get paid daily, how the join levels work for you, and what you’ll receive when you become a new member.  Even if you join at the most basic level, you will be eligible to receive training and reports from the Secret To Success Journal FREE.  Your upline will earn 100% profit from your payment (and so will you a short time later from your downlines when you finish qualifying easily).  And the Magic Money Maker will kick into gear and go to work for you with The Green Machine making sales every day automatically.  Your  business will begin to grow.  If you join at the $500 level, you will receive the article on ‘How to make money by giving away a free report’ along details about the Secret to Success & The Green Machine – how to use it for effect.    It will be like hiring an Artillery Battery to explode your business when the forward observer calls in ‘Fire For Effect’.   Again your upline will earn the 100% profit of $500 – and so will you when Money Magic begins working for you automatically in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, sending you cash flows on a daily, even hourly basis.  It’s sure to happen.  And, finally, if you join at the $1000 level and higher, you will receive the Entire Secret To Success Report to Recruit Millions with a companion audio-video direct to your inbox that invites you to the Millionaire Bootcamp.  Yes, classes begin the first thing in the morning, and you have to be prepared to join the Millionaire Maker program.  Your upline (and you later) will earn the 100% profit of $1000 and more as you will see as Money Magic continues working for you, rolling up Cash into your account with the help of the Green Machine.  Money Magic guarantees that you earn cash at the highest levels of which you are able, by quickly, steadily generating interest in your product, and multiplying your income with the Maximum Leverage of the Green Machine.  With The Green Machine we will show you how to reach a massive audience of high quality leads & hot buyers on a shoestring budget.  This will catapult your business from our launch pad, as your income grows exponentially.  


The #1 Secret To Success in building your cash flow program into a Daily Income Maker, too.  We will show you the 3 Steps To Success we use to make money every day.  Then learn how to quadruple your income with the Green Machine.  Learn the 3 Steps To Success you must know before you can make any money online or elsewhere in your business.  Learn these steps before you setup your business, so that  you don’t fail.  These are secrets every member should even before getting married!  You will want to read this first, and learn how to setup your business successfully, practically guaranteeing your income.  Some gurus, and you know who they are, charge big money for the Secret To Success system – without even really knowing what the Secret To Success really is!  We have exclusive access to this product in our domain @  Learn more about that later.  

You will be able to receive training from the original founder of the Secret To Success – Cashflow System!  Some gurus charge big money for this system $1,000, even $10,000 to $20,000 or more for this same system.  Now, you can begin to take part in this system, and learn how to do it for your self absolutely free of charge once you know how.  Of course, in this case, knowledge is power.  And you don’t have the power until you join The Green Machine!

We strongly recommend that our members do not pay for expensive programs, and purchase websites that do not work for you.  Our aim is not to get the gurus rich instead of you, but to show you how to get rich yourself.  This has been our long standing practice for the past 20 years!  

And you’re just lucky to find out about it!

But don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers – along with the cash flows – this opportunity is so easy to start!  Why pay too much for ads that will sink your business and cause you to lose money?  Or for mailing & postage, or overhead like salaries and inventory, not to mention high end consulting, and a lot of other business expenses that you don’t need.  They don’t help you one bit, except to put you in debt.   Most of the people that offer these fake services have no business experience at all or technical skills.  They just tell you their victim stories to get you to pay them for doing nothing at all that helps build your business.  I have heard of people spending $10,000 for business costs, and not making a dime or even a penny.  That will stop here.  The Buck Stops Here!  Many of our new members are making money for the first time ever.  You’ll see ‘Why’ when you ask the right questions.  

Learn exactly how much to get paid for your ads and grow your business cash flows faster.  You will even have a calculator to add up your earnings in advance.  Most businesses don’t even know about this strategy!  

More Info On Your Product Continued...

How To Hit Pay Dirt With This Strategy!   The Truth about those ‘Free Money’ ads you see and the two things you must know before claiming your share of the gold mine (info that’s worth its weight in gold)  You don’t even need a guru to become a gold digger, and bag your own gold nuggets of wealth.  Just watch as the money starts piling up!

All about Cash Flow and every little tactic you need to ‘Shoot Your Profit Margins Through The Roof’  (without ever working on a roof again)!  Use The Secret To Success to make yourself up to $5000 a day and up to $100,000 in the next 3 months!  Learn how to get started easily by using OPM [Other People’s Money].  Use the business offers you get to post free ads that pay you daily!  Learn the secrets to start your first or second cash flow business with NO MONEY DOWN.  Don’t pay $1000s of dollars for this information when it’s included in our issues of the Secret To Success.  Learn all the Secret To Success with a free issue of our business newsletter on the Computer Consulting Network.  Avoid the pitfalls that lead to failure, and become a big success in your own business at last.  

Copy and paste this one short message ‘How to make money by giving away a free report’ and STOP everyone dead in their tracks – and start your own free cash flow business instantly.  Watch cash flow pour into your ATM.  Take the 3 Steps To Success necessary to get your Secret To Success – Cashflow System up and running.  Competitors hope you never discover this strategy.  

Don’t pay any money to get started in your business.  Use this neat little trick to get all 3 of the Steps To Success FREE.  

Learn how to make up to $100,000 or more in cash money without making a single phone call.  This secret alone is worth Millions!  How do you think Millionaires make money with The Daily Income Maker – through daily cash flows, not by spending any money!  -It’s important that you find out how to use and implement Maximum Leverage with The Green Machine.  We will show you exactly how to do that every step of the way over and over again until you receive significant cashflows in your own business.  Don’t stop here!  There’s more to come.  This a great time for you when you will begin to see real changes in your life that allow you to enjoy the luxuries everyone else has.  This is a unique opportunity.  You’ll never find another  business like this one in your lifetime.  So, take advantage of this opportunity now.  

Learn how to DOUBLE your cash flow in 2 weeks.  These could be the best 2 weeks of your life.  Be able to double, triple, even quadruple your cash flows.  We see this happening every day with new members in our account.  

Learn the incredible ‘Money Magic Method’ to get up to 10 years of excellent annual income added to your own bank statement in less than 90 days.  This is another secret worth the cost of just joining for the info!  

What gurus won’t tell you that’s free information anyhow – and that all Millionaires know about and use to multiply their cash flows daily with the click of a button.  If you’re thinking about starting your own business this is great news.  It’s especially important if you haven’t ever earned any money yet online.

How to make up to $10,000 or more for just one sale and pay zero cost.  It’s so simple you wonder why you never thought of it yourself!  It’s called Zero Cost Marketing using Maximum Leverage, and we have a whole website with real videos of a singularly successful businessman from the outback in Australia dedicated to it.  You can become successful anywhere in the world with this international business opportunity you have in your hands.  

Learn the stone cold facts you need to know about cash flow, especially how not to waste your time with endless counter offers, dead beats, and simple minded gurus in boiler room operations!  This is a must read for anyone even considering starting a new business online.  See top experts tell their $1,000 secrets to success, and remove debt in your own account without making a single phone call!  See how you can do it yourself for Just $5.  

The Secret To Success package contains much more than step by step, easy to use insider business secrets that we can’t list them all here.  In fact, the information in The Secret To Success that you’ll receive (and no one else) is so powerful and effective in your business that we don’t want you to get sidetracked from making money instantly!  Learn how to avoid the distractions, and get instant leads & income, hot buyers coming to your website, working as a consultant to the Green Machine.  

For striking it rich, there is nothing like this…  Here are a few key elements to ensuring that this program will work for you and work for others.  We built this for the masses of people who wish to be successful, and have the desire to do something about their past failure, even changing their life forever!

Unfortunately, most people do not reach their full potential in a business opportunity because there’s usually a weak link in the system somewhere that becomes a bottleneck.  But there are no weak links in the system here, no bottlenecks, as you will see with our patent pending 2 up straight line vertical systems.  After our research was conducted and complete, we took out all the weak links in this system, and made it absolutely reliable and fool proof, cheat proof, and monitor proof.  You don’t even need a guru.  But we have top experts, around the clock technical support to help you every single day!  And you will receive all cash 100% profit paid direct to you or your ATM for withdrawals daily.  There are no checks to worry about bouncing, or debts to pay.  There are NO CONTRACTS, and no before and after charges like you see in some big businesses and boiler room operations.  We have streamlined The Green Machine to work for you and you only.  So, get started now.  Get in early.  Don’t let people pass you by.  This opportunity is exploding!  Every day people are enrolling in our downlines, willing and ready to  pay you if you’re their mentor.

Don’t wait

Watch the video

Use the form to sign up on the spot.  

Don’t waste time.  Every day is time you could be making more money.  I guarantee you that you find this true.  You could be making money already with our Cash Business Builder!  You will never have to worry about making money again.




Most people are WISHING for money, a better life, and nicer things, but they do not want to make an EFFORT, and that’s the most common reason people fail in business.   We see it over and over again.  We often ask people ‘Do you know the Secret To Success?’  So many fail; but a few become a big success.  They know the Secret To Success in detail.  But with ‘Money Magic ‘ you don’t have to make a big effort.  And with The Green Machine we can show you how to successfully setup your own business online.  Our online Green Machine can do all the work for you!  There’s no doubt about that.

Have you ever done advertising or mailing yourself for a program that received a ‘low or no respone’?  Perhaps, you were advised by some guru to put up signs in your neighborhood, or invite people to meetings, or to make phone calls to your friends & relatives, or make spontaneous pitches to people in the streets, or cold calls?  You don’t have to do it the hard way anymore.  In the past marketers relied on a low response for mass mailings…  Assuming a response of just 2% on a mass mailing of 100 flyers, you would, hopefully, but usually not, receive 20 responses each paying you at least the $25 up to $1000 or more for your network marketing program.  That’s anywhere from $500 to $20,000 or more cash in your pockets.  That was the pitch.  And sometimes it worked that way if you had the right list.  Usually, that was the list the gurus had reserved for themselves.  We have streamlined your promotions, so  that it’s like ‘Hitting Pay Dirt’ on each promotion!  We will show you exactly ‘How To Hit Pay Dirt’.

You may ‘Hit Pay Dirt’ with our revolutionary 3 Step Formula.  And all you have to do is get started.  It’s free to start.

There are no gimmicks, no fees, no charges, nothing put a pure profit opportunity from which you benefit yourself.  So, if you want to change your life at this point, listen up!  Opportunity may only knock on the door once.  Twice at the most.  Here’s how to open the door to success.

The biggest problems with doing your own advertisement is that you can never be sure of the results and the time that it’s going to take you if you get involved in that approach.  Many people do, and fail.  But a few succeed.  We want to guarantee that you succeed instead of failing like everyone else.  But you have to make an effort, and take the first step.  Many people failed.  That is until now!  As we like to say in our business arm called Planet Leads, ANYONE ON THE PLANET CAN DO THIS!  We have a launch platform already setup for you to go to the moon in your business, so the risk will be minute, and the reward will be well worth the effort.  We have located service providers and marketing design systems and do all the emails, videos, and promotions ourself.  We do all the work for you and have seen great results.  When you crank up the system in the Green Machine, Maximum Leverage starts to work for you.  This company has been in business since the early 1980’s and online since 1995, and the Green Machine is what we do best.  We successfully setup and operate business online.  Now, we can do it for you , too.  It will save you time and money when you allow this Monster Machine do the work for you!  We’ve been using this system for years and receiving incredible results, with no downside.  You’ll get all that information as soon as you sign up  and receive the business start up instructions.  We will send you complete instructions to setup your business successfully.

It’s o.k. to fail.  We hope you have learned from your past failures.  But now it’s time to be a big success.    Listen, this company knows what’s best to market your business online.  We are not some young punks who have never been in the trenches, selfish people, or greedy gurus who will waste your time and lose your money.  Even on the first day people are setting up their business successfully online with The Green Machine they are making money already.  We don’t sit in some barrooms with a beer in our hands giving you vague suggestions on how to do SEO professionally, or sell people crazy products that are unprofitable.  You don’t have to keep an inventory, or do any bidding.  Yes, you will be able to accelerate your business rapidly without wasting any time.  We have all the tools you need to setup your business like the top experts.  All that we want from you is your 100% commitment at this point.  Take one step, and keep taking steps positively from this point out until you reach your goal of complete financial freedom and eventual success!  No, we are not amateurs, and don’t expect you to be one, either, but highly successful individuals who have travelled the path that your currently on, and we hope that you make a breakthrough to success that will change your quality of life as you imagined in your dreams!   We’re here to help you get started in life to get on the path to real success.

We also know where to get the best prospects to sign up in your business and how to close sales for you.  And when you consider that your online income is positively guaranteed, you’ll want to get results to see for yourself the cash flow into your ATM!  You’ll never waste your time or lose money again with The Green Machine.  You’ll save time and energy and frustration printing flyers, folding, stuffing, and addressing letters (I’ve done all that, so I know), applying the postage stamps, sealing the envelopes, going to the print store to make copies…  doing all the marketing yourself…  Wow, that’s tiring just alking about how much work could be involved!  Now you have to do NO MAILINGS, NO PHONE CALLS, NO MARKETING YOURSELF.

THIS IS OUR FULL SERVICE GUARANTEE TO YOU!  “You will never pay money to market your own business yourself unless you want to earn additional income and we will show you how to do that easily.”  That’s right, you’ll get a top notch service to get you HOT Opportunity Buyers including all the videos, ads, and promotions (no more printing)!  Think about the time and money you will save by utilizing this system!  YOU’LL RECEIVE YOUR INFORMATION FOR THIS EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE IN YOUR GREEN MACHINE ONLINE STARTUP PACKAGE!

No Frills.  No Spills.  No Mess!  

Hands down, The Green Machine is the simplest, the easiest, and the fastest way to make money online today.  It’s the best system online to make money ever without really working!  Look at how much you can earn MONTHLY with just a few minutes a day.  You profit from $25 - $1,000s a day, how?

You go out to your mailbox, or visit your ATM, and what do you find?    Cash flows.  Let this simple system work for you.  Here’s how…

Once a day, or 30 times a month you go to your mailbox, or withdraw from your ATM up to $500 - $30,000 Per Month!  That’s just for one person sending you mail with your payment in the envelope or email addressed to you!  But don’t stop there.  Five times a day, or 150 times a month someone sends you payments.  That’s $2500 - $150,000 a month!  And just think what it would be if you got them 10 times a day or 300 times a month!  That’s an astonishing $75,000 - $300,000 in JUST ONE MONTH!

The Money Magic Program is exactly what millions of opportunity prospects have been desperately seeking.  Many of them will never find anything like The Green Machine to offer them a straight path to success.  As we just demonstrated, 10 new members a day for just one month could put up to $300,000 in CASH in your bank account.  However, if you still only see yourself getting only 1 email a day from a new member with a notice of your payment sent  on its way to your address, that’s still a whopping $90,000 to $360,000 per Year!!!  And it’s all free to start!.  Just use The Green Machine like a fulcrum for Maximum Leverage to your business – and reach the masses on the world wide web.


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We challenge you right now to find any opportunity in the entire world equal to what “The Money Magic Program” is offering you today!  Strictly speaking, it’s cash in your hands.  Our members are making an average of 2% - 10% a day in cash flows …  There is absolutely no risk involved for you.  You can start as high as you like, as often as you wish, creating any size daily income you desire from now on, or until you retire.    Don’t let our simple style fool you – we’re making a lot of money online, and so will you!  We’ve already learned you don’t make any money by spending it on fancy, expensive websites!  

We’re just happy you came along!  We don’t need to impress anyone.  We’re here to help YOU!  So, join the crowd!  Have fun making money!

A Money Making Breakthrough That Fully Promises And Guarantees Your Results!

You will pocket anywhere from $25 - $1000 on every single day new members join under you!  We will do all the heavy lifting while you just sit back and let the cash roll up into your business!  When you qualify, downlines will pay you first.  You get 100% of the cash paid direct to your ATM, or sent to your own mailbox.  We can even do all of the promotions for you with COOPS, rotators, mailings, and so forth and so on…  We are experts in these lines of business!  

[image of desperado] Are you a desperate character who has no money!?  Don’t let that stop you.  Find a way to get started.  Don’t let anyone stand in your way!

You don’t need to attend some crazy financial seminar to h ear some guru tell you about how to get rich from stock trading, or real estate, or the newest gadget that’s on the market.  You have the Power in your own two hands to accomplish your dreams with The Green Machine.  You also have the method with Money Magic included, which you are now holding in your hands.  The Money Magic Program is a true money making miracle!  But, you have to keep the fire burning hot enough and long enough to make the journey to success yourself.  Decide today to change your life because no one else can decide that for you – and no one else like The Green Machine has given you the opportunity to do that right now.  

So, if you’re saying, “I don’t have any money” and you don’t know what to do about it, but you have the desire to be a big success – and will do anything to achieve that goal in life, then make it your goal and purpose right now to take action.  My response to you will be:  “That’s exactly why you should be doing the Money Magic (PIF) Program!  You need the money, and we have a way for you to earn lots of it.  We provide you with the expertise and guidance to be a big success.  Of that we can assure you that you will be successful, too, if you put your mind to it.  Therefore, you MUST FIND A WAY to do this business that satisfies complete your desire.  Request the opportunity to Pay It Forward, of if you can’t wait and you want to get started right away making money online with The Daily Income Maker, choose your highest level – and inform us of your decision that you have sent your sponsor the money.  You may do so by indicating your contact details in the form, and sending us your address & phone number along with your consent to contact you by email!  If  you’re a grown adult, 25 years of age and do not have a few hundred dollars to start an home based business, then you have work work to do.  You need to borrow it (and usually when you loan money that costs you more money)…  And you can do that here.  

The Money Magic is so good, you could easily borrow the money from someone else, or your sponsor, if he permits the transaction, to start your business online successfully and work with you to achieve that aim or goal of financial freedom you established.  You may request from your sponsor the PIF to start and pay it back when start making money, i.e. get cash flows under the condition that you pass up your first sign up or agree to pay it back at the time he signs up…  It’s easier than you think to get started making money with Money Magic.  Of course, later on you can use The Green Machine for Maximum Leverage, and attend basic training free if you’re an active member!  Remember, when you generate just 5 new sign ups, that’s a minimum of $125 or upto $5000 or more in your pocket, depending on their level of entry, and that’s more than enough to pay back any money you may have ‘borrowed’, as you will see!

Listen, all it takes is a small commitment to start making money.  In exchange, we are lending our expertise and experience to you in the form of making money with Money Magic, the best opportunity out there you have ever seen.  You will receive 100% of the profit on each new member you sign up!  We will work with you every day until you start making money!  All we ask of you is that you work with us – and follow our instructions to take the simple steps to success we use to make money online every day!  And get started right away – without further hesitation – promoting your own business to earn yourself cash flows just like all the rest of the members in The Green Machine!  And, thereby, learn the fastest way to multiply your income!  


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Are You Wondering If This Type Of Activity Or Program’s Legal?

Of course it is!  It’s fail proof income guaranteed.  Because we do the work for you, all you have to do is click a button to submit your request to get started and follow the instructions we send you in reply.  Now, here’s where you may set your own personal goal to become a success.  

Did you know that selling a product and earning a commission from the sale of that product in the normal course of business is perfectly legal and acceptable business activity.  We have a legitimate product, “The Secret To Success,” on how to setup a business online successfully!  And our consultants earn a great commission at their own level of achievement.  It’s no different than if you were working for a Main Street business and you sold a variety of products.  You would be rewarded for your sales efforts with a commission or for your good work with sales revenue.  The same success principles that you find in normal, everyday business applies here, except with Maximum Leverage when you use The Green Machine, and directly get paid 100% profits when you enroll in the money maker, Magic Money!  Your hard work will reward you with $1,000s of dollars in cash flows from offering products for sale!  It’s easy to get started making money online daily, if you’re sincerely interested in being a success and you know what to do!  This is the easiest program to get started making money online you’ll ever be joining!

Tired Of Bill Collectors Chasing After You?  Here’s How To Get Started Making Real Money On The Internet!

On the bottom of this page, you will find a form along with your sponsor’s name and code #.  Your sponsor is the person that sent you this message.  You may or may not be able to contact your sponsor at first; it depends on if he asked us to list a number on the page with this application or not.  If their number is not listed here, you will be able to speak with him once you’ve sent in your money and signed up.  You will also be instructed to fill out the application completely with the correct information, and follow the instructions to send your sponsor his payment directly by mail or electronically.  

When you join our program, you will send in a one time payment of either $25, $50, $250, $500, $1000, or $10000 upto $20000 depending whichever level at which you decide to join.  Remember, you will be receiving your Secret To Success Business Plan in return.  You will also be instructed how to send your money and the application only by using a private courier such as FedEx, UPS, or AirBorne Express, (and occasionally USPS Express) services.  You may send CASH ONLY at your sponsor’s request or, possibly, local Money Orders, or Bank Cashier’s Checks when the transactions take place locally with your personal identification.  This avoids fraud by the user!  Otherwise, your sponsor may request that you send him the funds through the electronic money exchangers available online like PayPal, Payza, or Solid Trust Pay from a valid account.  The sponsor has the right to refuse any checks he believes will be sent fraudulently.  We accept only cash or cash certificates from banks deposited directly to ATM’s or wired accounts.  No exceptions.  At that time, when your sponsor receives his funds in payment from you, he may release his contact details.  You may also receive address and phone numbers from your sponsor, mentors, and other members in leadership postions, or from tech support.

Once we receive your application and payment, we will contact your sponsor to make sure he has received his commission from you!  If he has received his Commission, at that point we will ship or send by email your startup package or membership details with important details about the setup of your business including necessary links to The Secret To Success business plan.  Your membership training will include a step by step guide and instruction to maintain your website with camera ready videos how to be successful in this business along with ad copy, including this message for you to send potential new members.  This letter will come with your name and address and sponsor code # imprinted upon it on the signup page.  There you will find your own links to The Green Machine along with details to access the membership area.

Remember, there is no admin fee!  No inventory to keep!  No sponsoring necessary.  Your payment covers the product, maintenance, and processing costs that occur as your founder and mentor also successfully promotes The Green Machine with Money Magic and earns income just like you.  This cooperation gets you setup in the business system and covers the ongoing costs of continuously managing your business Power Line as people sign up in the program.  In essence, there are no admin fees, or additional overhead.  We offer our service FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!  While we maintain a lot of employees in an ever growing business, (many of whom also make money in this program), and that includes office space, computers, fax machines, phone lines that you’re able to access 24 hours a day, mail boxes, etc.,  you only pay for the membership, the product “The Secret To Success” B Plan.  

You incur no business expenses like utilities, paper, envelopes, shipping, printing, or costs normally associated with running a successful business!  You’re probably wondering where and how we make our money with so much overhead expense and time consuming support that we offer?  Well, here’s our secret.  We’re making money the same way that you will be doing by offering this exceptional business opportunity to highly qualified candidates – and signing up participants who want to make a great annual income.  It’s as simple as that.  There are no bosses, no obnoxious sales man, no stubborn or recalcitrant employees to hassle you, or fail to give you what you really need to be a success.  Just tremendously great service and income potential is what you get.  


We’re so sure you’ll make money with 5 to 6 weeks in this program, that if you honestly follow our instructions and if after 6 weeks you haven’t made any money, we’ll refund your complete membership minus any commissions paid to you.  We may occasionally charge for closing positions for active members.  This usually occurs when members want to take some of the money they’ve made and go on vacation!  And you may keep “The Secret To Success” as a unique gift.  That’s a $100,000 value in itself.  So there’s ABSOLUTELY NO RISK INVOLVED!

Excited Yet?  Here’s How To Join!

If you truly want to get involved with something brand new, cheat proof, that can never be shut down, and can make you extremely rich, (Can you imagine shutting down your own cash flow business which you’re doing independently in your own home?), then this is the business for you and you need to be a part of our company!  We have purposely designed this program so that the average person could easily afford to participate in it.  Certainly you must be tired of joining programs that are here today and gone tomorrow, or waste your time and lose your hard earned money!  That’s not going to happen here!  Now you have the chance to change all that and FINALLY receive the kind of Income You Deserve!  Your first step is to fill out the application to its entirety and then use this form to send all this information to us!  Your second step is to sit back and wait until your sponsor (or admin) contacts you to complete the application and send in your sponsor payment.  Next you need only participate in The Green Machine until cash flows into Money Magic for you.  Don’t wait any longer!  You’ll be able to speak either with us in the future or your sponsor, and if you have to leave a voice mail message,  you’ll hear back from us immediately!  We then give you instructions for your third step to success so far.  Remember we are getting hundreds of calls a day, so please be patient!  Our incredible Daily Income Maker Program will work for you, too, and change your life forever!


Eric Pantalone, from MA…  I made $20,000 in my first 3 weeks.  Thanks for the money and for the program!

Joe Durst, from NY…  You created an absolute Power House of a program.  I’ve only been in for 8 weeks and already made $47,000  $32,000 of that was straight Cash!  Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

Gary Kraus, from NY…  I have been with the “Money Magic” program for LESS THAN 3 WEEKS and I Have Already Received OVER $10,000.  The money comes directly to me and now I’m starting to get Residual Income Too!!!  This is “THE BEST PROGRAM” I have ever seen, PERIOD!!!  I love the “Money Magic” program.  It’s Very Exciting!  There has never been another program like it!  See for more.




___   Yes, Count Me In.  I want to get started right away.  I wish to become a Member of the New “Money Magic” Business Program.  I’m making a one time payment in the amount the customer service representative instructed me for the Secret To Success and The Green Machine products.  YOU MAY INCLUDE $10 EXTRA FOR RUSH SHIPPING!

Name _______________________________________________        Sponsor’s Name_ADMIN________________________

                                                                                                                 Sponsor’s Phone_(781) 330-1582__________________

Address________________________________________________    Sponsor’s ID ___001___________________________


Phone _________________________________________________    Fax__________________________________________

___   Important Note    Please Check Here if you want your personal phone number listed on Your Master Copies of The Green Machine offer, so your potential prospects may call you!

Please Circle The Level At Which You’re Joining:

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