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Rolfe Green & LeAnne Larguier - Why I Will Make A Million This Year!

Le Anne Larguier
Le Anne Larguier
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Why I will Make a Million within the next 12 months... 

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Why Anyone Can Make A Million Dollars In The Next 12 Months...

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Letter From The Coach

Hello from Coach Le Anne--

Well... I will tell you... these last few weeks have been emotional... My dad suddenly died and I was able to process his death by realizing their is "NO DEATH"... that the soul never dies it just changes focus... and that I am fortunate enough to know and be aware of the very BEST channelers in the world to help me communicate with him anytime I want... Venus Andrecht, Colette Baron-Reid, John Holland,etc, etc  

On top of that... My dad has already contact me from the otherside....
Let me tell you the story... In my eulogy at his funeral... I said in my final words... "And dad come talk to me sometime..."

Well, when I was shopping the other day... I was at Macy's checking out... I pulled out a Macy's gift card that he gave me for Christmas for $300.00... And the clerk when she saw the amount on the card said "wow, someone really loves you..." And I replied... with my a beaming smile but a loving sad heart... "Yes, that would be MY DAD..." so I knew right then and there that was his way of telling me he loves me and that he was around.

So now that I know my dad is always with me and available to me anytime.... I can find peace with his decision to move onto the other side... I can be excited for him that he had a wonderful reunion with his loved ones who he had not seen in years and know that someday we will all join him...

He always wanted me to "GET TO WORK" even when I didn't feel like working... And always wanted me to do my best no matter what I was working on... My mom and dad's prayer that they said everyday together was also on his funeral brochure and it read " Lord God, help us to be the best we can be. And keep us safe and close to thee." so with that being said... My best is not even OVER A MILLION per year... Actually I believe my best is OVER A MILLION per month... my best is probably in divine mind even more than that...

So if my best is probably INCOMPREHENSABLE... then I think an Easy 1 million within the next 12 months is just a no brainer... and a done deal!

You see I believe... That 'with God all things are possible'... And I believe that a Belief as defined by Wallace Wattles in 'The Science of Getting Rich' is this... A belief is only a thought I keep thinking!

I believe a Million within the next 12 months is POSSIBLE and EASY with my Millionaire Marketing System business!

So like dad says: Lets "GET TO WORK"

Not only because Money gives us FREEDOM to do what we want when we want and buy what we want when we want and live in abundance instead of lack and worry!

If not just that then why????

Why will I Make a Million within the next 12 months...

Simply Put... The answer is....

Because " I CAN.... "

It is not to prove anything to anyone... I could care less to do such a thing...

It is not because my dad wants me to... My dad already knows I am capable....

It is not because I have to... I am already rich...

It is because IT IS POSSIBLE... AND I CAN...

Another thing that is important is to surround yourself with someone who helps you BELIEVE!

The Right Mindset, The Right Belief System, and the Right Actions are contagious!

So join me on the BAND WAGON... I do things because I CAN and just for the Fun of It!

So if you feel you deserve it too and have a similar belief system then I will say welcome to my team!

Your Next step on getting started is...

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Give us a call on my direct line 1-617-764-8100 to get-started on Your Million within the next 12 months!

Learn how to quadruple your income...

I look forward to having fun working with you and attracting Great Abundance!


To your time and money freedom!

"It is Safe for You to be Powerful." ~Coach Le Anne

Rolfe Green in Boston
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