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Marketing  Strategy (Private To Public)


One of the highlights of a successful marketing strategy is the profit you receive from it, or the ‘cashflows’:  it is personal, powerful, and plentiful.  And it is the emphasis of the Best Team’s work


Personal Powerline



But making a profit is not the ‘exclusive property’ of the state, high end business, corporations, companies, or ‘the rich’ guru. That’s not the case, when you consider this:  People are making money on the Internet from every walk of life.  They are rich and poor, wealthy or not, baker, butcher, and Indian chief… amateur or professional!  Even the garbage man!


There are doctors, lawyers, ‘mom and pop’ store owners, health food practitioners, managers, secretaries, mechanics, and technicians, all kinds of people who are able to make money with this business.  It’s the best time to join.


The question is then ‘How is it going to benefit YOU?’  Top sales earners, professional network marketers, and Millionaire Mentors from other business are coming over to EZ Wealth Solution because of the advantages it offers.  They make huge incomes.  So can you, too.


Marketing Strategy


Here are some suggestions…


#1. Start asking for the sale by telling people to buy.  Assume the sale.  “You can start making 100% profit right away!”  There are hundreds of products in the back office you can use or sell.


#2. Give them reasons to buy.  “Payments are made directly to you!”  With our Marketing Strategy you receive direct daily payments.


#3.  Write up the sale personally or with capture pages.  “You get team support, web pages, and tools to promote your business, sell packages for you, and build your business!”


#4.  It costs you next to nothing to get started because it is a ‘pay it forward’ – a revolutionary business plan that is copy written.  “We even pay it forward.”  Your sponsor will pay your way into profit on Level #1, a $47 value!  The program costs practically nothing.  The initial startup cost of $10 for admin is negligible.  But the support is really tremendous!  Our team provides around the clock help.  On top of that the products in the back office are worth $1,000s.


You get money, tools, support, and training.  The capture pages not only take data such as the email address and name of the person you are signing up, but also make sales for you.  Ron Walsh and your Best Team will close sales for you day and night!!!  List more reasons for the sale, sale, sale…






We pay you every day.


You get 100%


It gets paid direct to you.


We train your ‘Best Team’ …!


We find, follow up, sponsor, and train team leaders to build your business.  We will show you how to build your contact list with high quality targeted prospects, speed up your cashflows, and take a well deserved free first class vacation cruise.


If you are signed up already on my website, it gets really interesting from here – especially if you have upgraded to Level #2 as the ‘Best Team’ rules!


We recommend strongly that you upgrade to Levels #1 and #2, as we will immediately begin promoting your business in the COOP, advertising it world wide, finding, signing up, sponsoring, and training your team leaders.  We will find high quality leads for you FREE!  See your sponsor for more information about the Team Business Builder, and get started making money with the ‘Best Team’ by taking the training yourself!  We select only the Best Team candidates who are qualified to join our Group!


The income you will make is phenomenal.  We fully expect you to make $10,000 a month.  And hope you make $100,000 in six months, too, just like the Top Mentors!  Every time you make money, we do, too.  So, there is a great incentive for building your team with qualified candidates who know the ropes, and pull together in what could potentially be a tug of war in which you win or lose.  It’s our aim to win.   The competition on the world wide net is fierce, but we are more than capable to be ultimate winners!


I hope you are ready to be a winner, too, because here is what they do…


Earn big paychecks!


Build huge downlines of successful team members!


Have fun doing it:  Take free cruise vacations; earn the income to buy luxurious homes, cars, and more.


Spend time with Friends & Family!


Build more business with multiple streams of income coming in whether you vacation or work every day!  We projected earnings at $180,000 if you just built your base team with five successful members.  How much time does it take to earn that much money?  3 – 6 months.  And that is if you upgrade only to Level #2 of five!  We made a modest calculation, since it does not include the income you receive on the top three levels.  In 1 ½ months you could earn 125 x $250 = $31,250 just from baseline!  Hence, we are not looking at mediocre earnings, or just to make direct sales of products, but for successful team builders to make residual incomes that surpass anything you have earned in the past.


Even Top Mentors are jumping ship to join this lucrative program.  For comparisons, see the following website on Personal Wealth.


Are you satisfied with making direct sales at low or no rates?  If you are satisfied with a very low income, then this business may not be for you.  You may wish to sell someone else’s products at another site.


You can either go in the open door, or the dungeon at this point, whichever you choose because one leads to success, the other to failure:


 Open Door To Success...

 Enter if you want to succeed.

Enter To Make Profit

Personal Powerline


Closed Door To Failure...

Enter if you want to fail.

Enter if you want to fail.


Goes nowhere.



When you have five people, lined up ready to enroll, as we do, you will see what actually happens!  5 leads to 25 leads to 125 and so forth times about $250, even on a very short cycle!  That is over $150,000 in 3 - 6 months!  Is it realistic? You bet it is - that's why people are actually doing it.  They call themselves Top Mentors!  It also means a lot of people under them are making big money!  - You can figure out the math on the baseline of 5 simply by squaring it, or cubing, or quadrupling the sum!

In EZ Wealth Solution there are five levels of success to which you can upgrade.  So, in the above figures, we have only scratched the surface of potential earnings.  Therefore, we stress the great importance of building strong teams in your business!  Build your business like an in-house corporation of independent minded people who all succeed together, (or fail by falling apart).  You must have no illusions about a Successful Marketing Strategy as it has huge consequences for your business!

Improving My Cashflows

In The Midst Of Success


It's important to find qualified members who can follow a simple business plan to make money.  In this case it involves a plan to qualify on at least two levels to make cash daily.  Upon completion of the qualifications each person makes 100% profit, earns at least $250 per week in cash, and builds residual income automatically.

So, what's the most important thing YOU can do?  Build a good, tight-knit team.  Train people to become qualified members of the team who understand every aspect of the business.  This approach practically guarantees your success! At this point, emphasize that members must qualify only once.   Then they receive unlimited, 100% earnings by working with the 'Best Team' to build a growth business!  - This is the 'Best Team's Marketing Strategy'!


See why it is so important to earn 100% of the profits!  

In most cases, because of the effort you make to advertise your offers, train your downline, and build your business, you must get a big percentage.  
Professional Network Marketers know receiving at least 75% of the profits becomes essential.  Otherwise, you will fail!  You will waste your time, or end up losing your money.  You will make someone else rich, and not yourself!

Rolfe H. Green
Strategy For Success - The Importance Of 100% Profit 



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