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    You don't need to be an internet marketer for this to work for you!  Maybe you don't want to be in an internet business, however, everyone would like to make a little extra cash!  You can do this simply by forwarding an email to people that you know! 

The Simple Steps:

  1. Read the email copy as all instructions are contained within.
  2. Sign Up for PayPal This is the way the money moves. 
  3. Send out $5.00 to each of the Email Addresses on the list.
  4. Sign up for the E-Course it comes with the package a no additional cost.  This is what makes this legitimate, it is the product, so it is important to sign up even if you don't use it - you can opt out at any time if you wish.
  5. Choose or create a subject line.
  6. Copy & Paste the email contents and make the appropriate changes.
  7. Send out the email to everyone that you know.  If you can find just 6 people who will find 6 people then --
                                   6 X 6 = 36 X 6 = 216 X 6 = 1296 X 5 = 7776      
   That creates 9330 members on your list & $46,650.00 in your account!

Easy Money


The Easy Steps:

  1. Do all of the simple steps above.
  2. Follow the E-Course - Set up your personal website - Follow the directions to do more mailings and achieve bigger results!
  3. Learn the Basics of Internet Marketing.
                    HERE'S HOW THE MAGIC WORKS

      Magic Builder:                                        List Builder                                                     Dollar Builder
  1. Who sign up 10                                       100,000                                               $500,000.00
  2. Who sign up 10                                         10,000                                                    50,000.00
  3. Who sign up 10                                            1,000                                                      5,000.00
  4. Who sign up 10                                               100                                                         500.00
  5. You sign up 10                                                   10                                                           50.00
                                                                   THE SYSTEM WORKS!
Here's how to build your team...

Bridge Over River

For The Best Results

  1. The more members you sign up the better your chance of success!
  2. Some will sign up none, or 2, others may sign up 200 or more.  Build Your List!
  3. Look for the Aces - like minded people with the same vision you have!
  4. As per instructions in the email, sign up a as many people as you can 30 is a good goal.
  5. You only spend 25 bucks  -  sign up five people, you have your money back and are in a profit position, even if they do nothing.  Build your team!
  6. Sign up for the e-course and free website, follow the directions and use the systems.

Go Progressive:

    1.  Continue all of the above - consistency wins!   Continue to send out emails using the strategies in the E-Course.
    2.   Set up an Auto Responder:  This allows you to keep in touch with all of the members in your team at the touch of a button.
    3.   Set up a Lead Capture Page.
    4.   Get more training from some of best resources in the business.  Join The Best Team in your Friends Network.
    5.   Choose An Internet Business for You
- Now you have created a list which is one of the most valuable assets in internet marketing!


Welcome To Our Team


As with any business, NO RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED!  Some members may make little or no money at all, while others will Make A Million.  Individual results will vary greatly in accordance to input, determination, hard work, and the ability to follow instructions to use the Cashflows System.  The system works well, but many people don't care to apply it.  That is The Secret To Success:  So many fail; but a few are a Big Success.  What you can do about it.  Learn from The Professional Networkers in Green's Machine!

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