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          Publisher:  CCN                      Volume Number:  I                                 Issue Number:  1                     Date: 3/16/2007


 Millionaire Maker

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o       Introduction

o       What the Millionaire Maker will do for you…

o       Principles of the Program

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Every successful business adventure requires a new beginning.  We hope this program is a new beginning for you.  A new sunrise in your life that indicates your success!  The Millionaire Maker isn’t just an information product, although its aim is to provide you with valuable information about Millionaire Making products and services.  It’s also a business opportunity - for you to become a Millionaire.

While there may be some ‘moral’ objection or even social resistance to ‘becoming rich’, or being ‘wealthy’, if the lotteries are any indication many people wish to become wealthy.  In addition, more and more business opportunities not only promise quick riches, but almost fantastic wealth.  Millionaire programs have blossomed on the Internet. 

The Internet promises wealth, opportunity, and tools to build home businesses rapidly.  What the CCN Business Newsletter does for you is first research these business opportunities, describe them, and evaluate their progress, and warn about possible pitfalls.  It researches Millionaire Maker products in the hope of showing you ways to earn Daily Income.

Whether or not you earn Daily Income, or become a Millionaire depends on you:  your motivation, initiative, and execution of these successful business strategies.  While the CCN Business Newsletter may show you programs that work…

1.      You can do nothing.

2.      You can apply the information well.

3.      You can benefit from the successful promotion of your own business.

4.      You can earn Daily Income.

The Millionaire Maker shows you how to Make A Million.  It depends on you whether you do it or not.  In summary, a lot of people wish to become a millionaire, as indicated by the tremendous participation in lotteries nationwide.  Perhaps, a few win, a very few.  The odds of your becoming a millionaire that way are almost nil.  You could inherit a fortune from your family or friends.  You could earn a million in the stock market, or in real estate.  A few Millionaire Maker programs promote that approach.  Ultimately, you could work hard to become a millionaire, or smart.  Millionaires are being made on the Internet, in niche markets everywhere at unprecedented numbers.
The Internet provides an exceptional opportunity for you to become financially free.  What the CCN Business Newsletter does show is that real success does not depend on a lottery.  You do not have to gamble to win.  The average person, who applies these business principles found in the research of the CCN Business Newsletter, can almost certainly Make A Million.  You do not have to sell ‘information products’ that lead nowhere and appear to be just sales hype.  Nor do you need to pay for expensive marketing programs that sell just motivation.  While there are an abundance of programs which promise immediate profits, you must avoid the pitfalls, stay away from scams, and use your time well by participation in programs that work – that are proven to work and have worked well for long periods of time. The CCN Business Newsletter in this edition of The Millionaire Maker will show you programs that work and are proven to work.  They have worked for long periods of time, and continue to work. 

We’ll show you numerous Millionaire Maker programs that work.  CCN BN will show you how to put Daily Income in your pocket - $1,000 - $3,000 cash per day directly into your own bank account – just like the Millionaires do.  Work 1 on 1 with successful Millionaires, and earn $3,000 - $5,000 daily income.  These business opportunities will pay you daily income, and in some cases mail these funds straight to your doorstep, starting the day after you enroll in the program.  Welcome to the CCN Business Newsletter… Millionaire Maker!


For more information about the Millionaire Maker program, contact CCN by going here and fill out the Information Form to receive a subscription.  Complete the entire Information Form, so that CCN can evaluate your needs and help you to perform at your best no matter what level you start.


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What the Millionaire Maker will do for you…

First of all, the The Millionaire Maker will describe the benefits of these programs to you.  It will provide you with valuable information to describe how they work, how you can participate, and get started earning Daily Income. 

Benefits of the Millionaire Maker Program to you are…

1.      Valuable information about business opportunity with well known professionals that can make you a millionaire.

2.      Valuable products and services, many with Fortune 500 companies that you can promote successfully in affiliate marketing programs.

3.      New business opportunities that are working well.  These are business opportunities with established Millionaires who have been working programs for a long time successfully.

4.      Little known tools and trade secrets of Millionaires who have made millions in affiliate/niche markets.

5.      What you can do to participate in these programs and start on your way to financial freedom, wealth, and independence.

A major pitfall in starting your own business is lack of valuable information about markets, inability to target these markets successfully to earn significant profits, and poor management of both finances and resources that might otherwise build your business.  But the greatest pitfall may be lack of motivation, poor standards, and bad business ethics.

CCN Business Newsletter offers you the opportunity to solve these problems.  Here you will find legitimate programs operated by highly successful marketing and business professionals.  They have all succeeded well, earning a high level of income.  And they are willing to share their success with you.

Do you wish to make all your financial dreams come true?

How about own the home you always wanted?

Or the car you wish to drive?

Perhaps, you hope to have more free time? 

Or you want to spend more time with friends or family?

Would you like to move to a better environment?

Here’s the opportunity to do work you enjoy, to travel, and make money even while you take a vacation or play golf.  Is it possible?

Perhaps you are tired of the daily grind of your old job, the one in which you don’t know if the business is going to close next week, or you might get laid off.  And you would like to make a change for good.  It’s time to act now before you’re ‘too old’.  Maybe, you are looking at retirement without any money to maintain your lifestyle, and you have cut it down to basic necessities.  It’s time to act now.

Well, you read reports that politicians in city and state offices regularly take ‘junkets’ with your tax money – your hard earned money.  Financial institutions are writing dubious reports about their revenue.  Are you finally tired of being in a situation in which others take advantage of you, but you do not benefit?  Are you no longer willing to see your money going down the drain of lottery programs, scams, and political ‘junkets’?  Is your time wasted by poorly paid ‘jobs’?  Perhaps, you are in a career that leads nowhere.  Are you frustrated by your work, doing meaningless jobs, and unwilling to just stand around doing nothing about it?  Are you in a job where you feel you have no control, and you want to get off the tread mill?   

Millionaire Makers

It’s time to make a change.  Other people are making money and they’re no better than me.  Why not me?  With these business opportunities you can finally leave the rat race behind you.

You can make your financial dreams come true within just a few weeks, or even days, by taking just a few steps in the right direction.  These systems will generate automatically an extra $10,000 – $30,000 a month.  You can earn money quickly in as little as 30 days!  But it depends on you.  Build Your Own Successful Business Online

The CCN Business Newsletter will describe safe programs that make you Daily Income from small amounts to large amounts, $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000.

You’re holding the keys to the most profitable and beneficial programs our research has found on the Internet.  They have the potential to put large amounts of money in your pockets right away.  Starting tomorrow you can earn the largest amounts of money you have ever seen! 

The Internet is a way to Make A Million, and a lot of new Millionaires are being made there.  The industry is paying out millions of dollars daily right now to people just like you, and you don’t have to wait for it.  This year thousands of new millionaires will be made from all walks of life. 

We’ll show you how to earn your full share of the huge software market, backed up with proven legal and ethical systems that are being promoted nationwide and internationally.  With little effort involved on your part you can earn large commissions from affiliate residual income just like the Millionaires do, and these Millionaires will show you exactly how to do it:  Earn huge commissions by multiplying daily income in small or large amounts through various income streams that interconnect:  $10 X …, $100 X …, $1,000 X …., $10,000 X n many sales!  How many will it be?  In some cases just one order a day can earn you $30,000 a month – cash paid in your pocket every day direct to you.  You could potentially receive many more orders a day with highly powerful systems that work for you…  Top income producers in these affiliate markets earn $60,000 a month.  That’s $3,000 a day.  They earn millions in less than a year.  As you will see, people are making $1,000 - $2,000 - $3,000 - $12,000 a day on one sale!  It’s not unusual to earn more.  In addition, learn how to earn residual income while you’re enjoying a vacation, traveling on a cruise ship, and playing golf!



Eric Pantalone, From MA…  I made $20,000 in my first 3 weeks.  Thanks for the money and for the program!

Joe Durst, from NY…  You created an absolute Power House of a program.  I’ve only been in for 8 weeks and already made $47,000.  $32,000 of that was straight CASH!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Gary Krauss, from NY…  I have been with the … Program for LESS THAN 3 WEEKS and I have already received OVER $10,000.  The money comes directly to me and now I’m starting to get Residual Income Too!!!  This is “THE BEST PROGRAM” I have ever seen, PERIOD!!!  …There has never been another program like it!!

There are many great programs out there which claim to make you money.  Which works best for you?  The CCN Business Newsletter researches programs that have a long track record, valuable products, and reliable business to find which ones work best for you.  Are the claims just hype or some kind of deceptive advertising?  If you truly want to know, get a subscription to the CCN Business Newsletter and find out what works for you, and what doesn’t.



 Principles Of The Program
There are five principles which will bring you great success, when you follow them.  These ingredients make sure that your start on the road to financial freedom has a happy ending.  These are four principles that we teach to our members…  When followed, the cash flows...to you.

#1.  Initiative – As with every business there are rewards and benefits as well as possibilities which require initiative, insight, and commitment.  It’s necessary to see the benefits, study them, and understand the possibilities to take advantage of the opportunity.  There are also duties.  Then, you have to make a commitment of time, money, and effort to see the program through results.  The testimony of other successful people will help you take the initiative and make the commitment.  The excellent mentorship of highly professional business entrepreneurs will show you the way to succeed.  But you have to recognize your duty to make it happen once you realize the possibility! 

#2.  Investment – Just as there are privileges and obligations in any endeavor, there are privileges and obligations in those which produce profits.  The Millionaire Maker program requires some degree of initiative, insight, and commitment with an investment of time, money, and resources to see the project through completion.  You will receive great benefits from the program.  For the potential benefits and rewards that come to you the initial investment will appear insignificant!

#3.  Application – The best time to start is now.  Even with this exceptional opportunity, if you lose your initiative, you waste time and money.  The longer you wait, the less likely that you will see the opportunity for what it is:  A Highly Successful Business Venture that pays you cash.  Even the simplest business opportunity requires your attention, some effort, and time until it bears much fruit.  Every successful venture will.  So, take advantage of the opportunity now.  Strike the iron while it’s hot.  Business opportunity is time limited.

#4.  Desire – Do you have enough desire to complete projects?  If you have enough desire to complete the project because you want results badly enough to Make A Million, you’ll take action now to get it done today!  Strong desire and enough hope to overcome any difficulties you face along the way will outshine everything else until you bring it to pass by sheer will power, effort, and imagination.  If you are convinced of your ability, you will succeed at everything else.

These are the best programs online with the potential to dramatically increase your income in a very short time.  Now, we realize that it’s not for everyone.  Some people will succeed.  Others will go their way.  But if you are ready to accept the challenge, then let’s get started right now by going to the website.  You can signup here…  Signup is easy, as you will receive a free subscription to the CCN Business Newsletter.

Please complete the subscription to the CCN Business Newsletter, so that you receive information about the Millionaire Makers.  Your subscription is free.

#5  Action – There are five principles of success.  Last, but most importantly, is that you take action.  Your efforts do not depend on others.  Whether you succeed or not depends almost entirely upon you.  You can do nothing, or you can take action leading to great success.  Even the best programs cannot help you without your taking action to apply the principles of success…  So, start now by completing your subscription to the CCN Business Newsletter.  And follow through by taking action to Make A Million!


 CCN Subscription Form

CCN will send you a free subscription of the CCN Business Newsletter along with a reference to the Millionaire Maker website.  In this edition you’ll learn to focus on building your own business successfully.  Learn how to avoid deceptive marketing practices and ad scams which deplete your resources and cause you to lose money.  Also, you will learn how to make your appeal directly to your own customers by targeting markets of high value.  Rather than giving away your business to others…  You will learn to avoid advertising competitors’ products, and promote your own!  In short, you will learn to take control of your own business enterprise, opportunity, and profits.  Or, as we say it in the Daily Income program, ‘Make A Million’.


We get letters all the time from people saying they don’t have any money.  If I challenge them by saying, ‘Come up with $1000 dollars by next Monday and I’ll give you $1,000,000 dollars’, then what do you think happens?  You guessed it!  Well, the chances are pretty good that you will have that amount in less time than that!  You wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity!  -It’s not about having the money, it’s about making it happen!  Not about that at all…  Are you motivated enough to TAKE ACTION?”

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          Publisher:  CCN                      Volume Number:  I                                 Issue Number:  1                     Date: 3/16/2007


Millionaire Maker

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