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Preachers, Brokers All Have Testimony How I Made Money Online The Very First Time Ever

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I made money!

Hello Folks, Not only can you do it part time, you an do it in almost NO time :)

The reason is because I have many proven resources in my Blessing Unlimited Team Training site whereby we pay companies to blast our website out to thousands of opt seekers. They are very IN-expensive.

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A preacher that had NEVER done an online program joined me and he spent $20 on just one of the many resources in my training site and they blasted his website out to 8,500 people.   And, the 3rd day in the business, a lady name Shirley from Canada signed up as a free DPS member. I called her and spoke to her on his behalf for about ten minutes and she was excited and joined at the $3200 level and took advantage of the $500 discount.

The preacher received 80% or $2,160 and I got the remaining 20%. Now, he and his wife were jumping up and down lol I called him and told him the money was already in PayPal for him to go to Wal-mart and buy 2 money orders with his PayPal card and get the money.   Then he got lots more - like $3200 at a time!

They never even spoke to anyone at all. We are talking about a man that was used to living on around $800 to $1,000 a month in love offerings from the church lol so you can imagine his excitement.

Here is a video I had him make lol  

Even a successful broker had fantastic success with the Direct Pay System:

I was an oil and gas broker for 5 years making good money but I didn't have the free time to spend with my family and a good friend of mine making over 10 grand a month showed Direct Pay System  to me and when I saw how this company generates leads, sifts sorts and auto responds to potential prospects as well as has a call back center to answer my prospects questions I joined at the Royal level. I made a little over $8,000 in my first 3 weeks and made the decision to leave my company and now I lead and mentor a team of professionals who want financial freedom.  There are a lot of people in DPS however one major advantage I have for anyone out there looking for support.  My good friend is a software engineer and with over 10 years industry experience he can create capture pages, design custom websites and anything else you need to get your business up and running to generate the life changing income we all want and deserve. Message me anytime at   Feel free to go to my website and get more information...  The Road to success begins with your very first step.  Take action to change your life.  God Bless.?"
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DPS Video

by greensmachine

So you see even a newbie can make money if they follow my instructions. I hope you enjoyed the video. It makes me smile every time I see it.


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To your success,

Spencer Brown

p.s. Learn more about how I made money with the Direct Pay System, while still being a full time preacher, see my YouTube Video!

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