What happens when you don't take risks...

Everyone has heard of Job & Wosniak, the founders of Apple Computer.

They introduced the Apple microcomputer to the world, and beat IBM (and Microsoft) to the market...

They also became Millionaires, actually Billionaires.

But there was a third partner in Apple computer... He was a senior partner!

He didn't make a dime! Why?

He was the partner who bailed out because he didn't want to take the risk.

He had all the excuses, all the reasons for not participating in Apple computer - one of the biggest and

most successful start up companies ever.

You know what's funny about it. He still thinks he was right, even though he is a broke loser, a failure

in business. Nothing you could say will convince him that he was wrong!

Wayne had a 10% share in Apple Computer and released his stock for a measly $800! What a laugh!

He released all claims to the company for a pittance - $1500.00 a few weeks later!

You figure out a 10% share of a billion dollar company...

“In its first year of operations (1976), Apple's sales reached US$174,000. In 1977, sales rose to US$2.7 million, in 1978 to US$7.8 million, and in 1980 to US$117 million. By 1982 Apple had a billion dollars in annual sales. He claimed that he did not regret selling the stock as he had made the 'best decision with the information available to me at the time.' ”


It adds up to a lot of money!  In 1976 he lost $17,400.00.  In 1977 $270,000.  In 1978 $780,000.  Then in 1980 he lost $1,170,000.00!  Not to mention $100,000,000s of dollars in sales annually by 1982...  

Don't be penny wise, and pound foolish!

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Rolfe H Green
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