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Subject: Hey Folks, this is Rolfe you gotta see this.  You won't believe what I just did.

I have been promoting EZWS and other money making programs I have -  with three methods I found online, and this is working for me now to avoid victimization, attract people to your market, and maximize the leverage on your income - and I am doing that free,  i. e. the promotion, while earning 100% cashflows in profit and more if you consider the constant duplication.  Here is the simple reason why:  It's working and getting results.

Question 1:    What were the results?

You know I have been working at this a long time, and did not get any results.  This time it's working like a well oiled machine making me continual money every day.  Would you like to know how I did it? Read this letter that I posted online:  We Dit It. So Can You!

Here's why it is working for me  online and offline:

Man, you know I've been at this business thing online for a while and I've been through my ups and downs. And to be honest with you, my biggest problem that held me back and frustrated me was NOT HAVING A SYSTEM THAT WORKS AUTOMATICALLY!  I thought of  having a simple plan of action to follow. You know how I kept buying leads, paying for additional google advertisement, managing promotions in ad campaigns to get the best results?  And you'd ask:  So,  how'd it go this month? and I'd say next month is my month!

We both knew deep down I'd be given you the same answer when you asked me next month. And I was really getting down in the dumps about it all.  But I just kept on hoping and following my instincts for success!

Question 2: What results do you get?

Here's how it works:

You know better than anyone that I've always been the type of guy to buy anything in the hope of finding something new that works in my favor.  Well, I finally did.  And it really did work this time.

Wto months ago, I found this website about this  guy who was once  giving away a free cd.  There on his website he had claimed he was able to grow his home business by 7413 people in three years without picking up the phone.  When he said that,  my antennae immediately went up.  This had the potential to be a really big business with great profits and tremendous support, training,  and outreach.  Then I came upon that something which really works  on the  marketing arm of it.  I had to tweek it and test it.  So, I used it with a few small changes, and it really worked outstanding  - excellently, quickly, and rapidly increasing your income!  Easy!

Just like you're saying right now I was like  'Yeah right, when pigs fly' I'll be able to do that, but it was free so I said what the heck I got nothing to loose.

Question 3: What happened after that?

Here's what happened:

I let it run, and it continued to build income, and more income.  Then it built more and more residual income on top of that because the marketing arm maximized the leverage  on the income side of it.

A few days later I thought to apply this concept of  marketing this  cd with a picture of this guy that calls himself The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead.  I applied the marketing concept across the board, online, offline, with email, postal mail, and so on.  His instructions had shown up in my mailbox, so the next time I went out for a drive I popped in the cd player for a good laugh not expecting much.  But when I made the application in various ways the promotion really took off!

Cool!  You know me by know, how hard I worked.   I've seen and heard it all, but once I started listening to this cd and applied the marketing concept of maximum leverage with zero cost marketing, I got good results that made all the difference in my life.  Let me tell you my heart started pumping, and my thoughts were racing over all the possible applications to put it to use in a never ending market.  I had never heard this stuff before, and never seen any results like it to compare.

This CD, which I thought I was going to throw away after listening to it only the first five minutes, I kid you not, I not only listened to it, but when I got home I put in my computer, downloaded it to iTunes, played it again, and started making money when I applied the marketing concepts to actual promotions online/offline.

I thought this guy was full of you know what, but what he talked about actually worked.  It was frustrating at first.  I mean working through my doubts and all that.  Worrying about the crush of bills instead of the cash flowing in to my house, when it all happened.  It's the most amazing thing I ever thought of doing, and it works, so that you can make real money on the Internet.

You know I wouldn't get this worked up, and write this message if it wasn't true.  I mean it really works.  Go check this thing out and I highly recommend you pick it up.  It's free, and it's like nothing I've ever heard before.  You can just download the information instead of using the cd if you want.  It is all completely setup online.  Don't forget to contact me to let me know you're interested in making money.

Here's the website I got it at for starters under the title 'Unlimited Leads': 

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To the top,

Rolfe Green

P.S. Understand I don't recommend
anything often, and very few free
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When you get a chance to listen to it shoot me an email and tell me if I was kidding you.  Want more testimonials?  Go here:

Team Testimonial - 'From Welfare To Wealth' Made Huge Money!




The Green Machine

Talk soon...

Wait until you see how simple it is when you make the applications!!

Now you can use what I put together as a turnkey system if you like or take the three steps to success I had previously mentioned and get started making money on  your own.  Just use these links and start making more money than you ever had thought before this.  You'll make more and money easier than you ever thought possible, and I have the system all worked out for you.  Just follow along.

That's what I call  The Most Powerful Instant Commission Method Known To Man!

To the top,

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