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The 'Quick & Easy' Money Makers!
 by: Bryan Kumar

There's a popular myth floating around implying that your product has to be hundreds of pages long if it is to make you any real money.

That's a big lie.

More money is being made out there than ever before, by individuals selling short, focused reports! And it's growing at incredible rates.

The classic example that always comes to mind is Internet Cash Machines by Allen Says. That book was released some time ago, yet it's still selling by the thousands to this day! Other great examples are Magic Letters (which really started it all) and 7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic. That last one is no more than 15 pages long! Yet, it's still being downloaded from thousands of sites.

The bottom line is...when it comes to info-products, size doesn't necessarily matter! Quality does! You could make just as much money with a 15-page book as you could with a 100-page one. In fact, you can make more with the former. I'll show you how shortly.

Profit potential aside, there are many other great reasons to create these little ebooks...

They are very easy to put together; it doesn't require much work.

They can be completed within a few weeks, a few days, and sometimes even a few hours!

They are really not that difficult or time consuming to market.

They are especially great for new marketers (with little or no experience) and are also easy profit generators for seasoned marketers. And...

Most importantly, they allow you to spread your risk.

You see, it all boils down to time and money i.e. time management and positive cash flow.

Time is a very precious commodity, especially if you still have a 9 to 5 job to deal with. And, we already know that all of our projects will not be home runs. In fact, there's a good chance that a few of them will be complete flops. That's the reality most of us have to deal with.

So, if you invest a lot of time and energy into creating a monster ebook that turns out to be a dud, you would have lost all the time and energy you put into that project, with nothing to show for it.

On the other hand, if you had spent only a couple of weeks to create a much shorter ebook which also turned out to be a dud, you could quickly pull that one out and replace it with another short one. Your risks are dramatically reduced and your chances of putting out a winner is increased!

It's better to create 10 little ebooks per year and have 2 of them flop (which means 8 of them are bringing in the cash!) than to only create one or two big ebooks in that same year and risk having them both flop. There is also a much better chance that 1 of your products will be a hot seller if you have 10 of them out there, instead of just one or two.

Now, let's look at profit potential...

If each one of these 8 books bring in $1000 per month for you, the profits can add up quickly. If your goal is to pull in $100,000 in the coming year, you have a much better chance of getting there with 8 to 10 small ebooks bringing in $1000 per month each, instead of relying on just one big ebook alone to pull in the entire $100,000.

And...even if you pull in just a few hundred per month from each of the 8 books, that's still a heck of a lot better than what most people are making online.

Here are a few more ways you can ensure that you profit from these short ebooks, well into the future...

You can offer each one as a backend (followup) product for the other.

You can bundle them up later and sell them as a brand new package, with a different price tag.

You can use some of them (especially if they don't sell too well on their own) as bonuses for your other products, to increase the perceived value of the 'package.'

You can also use some of them purely as list builders. (Give them away for free, swap them with other marketers, or whatever. The fact that it only took you a week or two to create them offers you a lot more options and flexibility.)

And, if you're still passionate about creating that monster ebook, why not break it up into smaller projects and start selling each one as they get completed?

For example, if you want to create the "complete" 'online marketing' guide, you could start by creating a small ebook on just 'sales copy writing' and start selling it. Then, create another on 'product development' and get that one out as well. And so on...

In the end, you can bundle them up together, or combine them into one mega book and sell it. Your time is much better spent that way. also have some cash coming in while you work on your projects.

Many of us continue to chase after that one million dollar idea and miss many of the smaller $100,000 projects along the way.

These smaller products are much easier to create, are much easier to roll out, don't require a large investment of your time, energy or money, and they greatly reduce your risks.

They are also probably the fastest way to get your name out there and build credibility for yourself and your business. You can really do some serious damage with these mini ebooks, as long as you provide valuable information in them.

Here's to your next successful "Mini E"... book, that is. ;-)

Best regards,

Bryan Kumar

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About The Author

Bryan Kumar has been teaching others how to profit from the Internet quickly and easily, using informational products, since 1996. His ebooks and reports have received rave reviews from some of the best marketing minds online.

Bryan is best known for taking the most powerful marketing strategies and concepts, and simplifying them so it's quick and easy to implement. You can learn more about him at:


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