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Swift Sailing: Whipping Through the Tempestuous Waters of Newfoundland
 by: David Dunlap

Looking for some truly spectacular East Coast scenery from your sailboat, but you’re tired of hitting the usual spots? Hungry for a change of pace? Here’s the ticket: Try the excellent – but challenging – sailing opportunities offered right off the Atlantic Coast – in Eastern Canada’s Newfoundland.

Off Newfoundland’s coast, you’ll sail between limestone islands and into the giant fjords while watching whales glide and spout and exotic wildlife keeping house alongside the usually rocky, windy shore.

You don’t have to be in lumberjack-shape to take on these waters, but after all, since you wanted a change of pace, why not make it a little more strategic than usual? If you really want to work on your technical sailing skills, these chilly Atlantic waters certainly won’t leave you disappointed. Plus, you’ll enjoy the “local color” only Newfoundland can offer, including the lilting dialect and the cuisine that you won’t find anywhere else.

The best times to set sail in Newfoundland are sometimes tricky to get a handle on. Because the weather at this particular high latitude of the world often changes so quickly, leaving you in the ice in mid-July, for example, it’s best to consult with a seasoned boat captain or sailing expedition guide before heading out. In fact, that very changeable weather is a prime draw for many adventurous sailors, whether they’re renting a sailboat or cruising along on a guided tour.

Should you decide to peruse Newfoundland’s moody coast, go fully prepared, and do a lot of research before setting sail; every day is different, exciting, and guaranteed to be something like you’ve never experienced before. But also be aware that when at sea, just because you’re at the helm of the sailboat doesn’t always mean you’ll be in charge; in Newfoundland, sailing takes on a whole new meaning.

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About The Author

David Dunlap is the owner and founder of All About Sailboats and The Ocean Sailing Guide, two online resources for every sailing enthusiast. For sailing information and resources, including boat insurance and sailing charters, visit or


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