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Dear Secret To Success Training Participant,

The Secret To Success Training may be the most important training you will ever take.  Why? 

You must make sure that YOU become a Success.  That is because there are many programs out there which will side track you, waste your valuable time and cause you to lose your hard earned money.  Avoid these programs like the plague.  They are here today and gone tomorrow, for they do not show any results - the so called free leads, short cuts, and 'forced matrices', and other expensive programs that never work for you.  Most are fraudulent!  The next 'big launch' will not last.  It will be just another one that dries up after the promoters scour the money from the pockets of many unwitting people.  We have found that these distractions become a major pitfall when people lose sight of where they are going.  Do not risk your money, and become discouraged by lost time and efforts. We have been around for a very long time, and will always be here!  So, make sure you follow each step.  And if you have any questions, contact me immediately.  Keep your eye on the ball, and make sure you get results, i.e. millionaire cashflows!  Stay away from the boiler room tactics of the so called profit centers that will force you to go bankrupt more quickly!  Your aim should be to make yourself rich, not someone else! 

Stick To The Program - And Make Sure You Complete The Training

Perhaps, that is because some of you have missed the point previously, and are still struggling, still not able to make any money, still not clear about your goals to make money on the Internet.  And you do not realize how easy it could be for you to do so.

I don't say that lightly because I know how many of you have an education... maybe even an 'advanced degree' of some kind.   Or, otherwise, have 'advanced' through the school of hard knocks.  But this is different.  It will change your life in the process!

This training is different from any other 'formal education' or life experience you have had in that it will bring results!  It is different from any othe experience you have ever had for one very basic reason: It will set you free financially - if you apply the Training Lessons diligently in your life. 

I will show you why so many fail, but a few become a big success.  It could be easy!  But that depends on YOU.

I am not saying it's the only way to be financially free, because - as I've discovered over time and periods of trial and error - there are literally thousands of programs which offer financial freedom.  That is freedom from debt, the ability to make money in real estate, or some other program like trading foreign exchange currencies.  There are a lot of ways to be financially free.  Some work, and some don't.  I have chosen one that I feel is the best way for you to be financially free today, now, at this moment.  Other programs may work for someone else.  But, I believe it will be able to make you financially free, if you apply the lessons, learn these simple steps, and use the Principles To Success!  I don't mean to make an interpretation of them, as some people suppose, but actually apply them to get results!

What I am saying is that this works for me and I believe it can work for you.

I have devoted a good part of my life to finding ways to succeed in business.  I am not a psychologist, a politician, or a professor of some ideology, but I have been studying motivation, human behavior, the art of making money, the aim of professional marketing, successful business management, and copywriting the results.  So, I had engaged myself in training others - FREE - with the goal of making them better off in some vital way because of the training I've provided them on a daily basis to earn a better income, to make money - real cashflows.

It's not just about making money; it really isn't. It is about improving the quality of life - yours.  It's about helping you become not only financially free, but also a better person, happier, and a more confident person who can face any problem or situation and come out ahead of the pack.

While no one can know how well you will do, or anyone else for that matter, it is easy to succeed under certain conditions.  I guarantee if you apply these principles, you will have great success.

You can succeed to make money, to improve your life style, and get results in every other aspect.  Let me assure you of one thing: This program works. I've received dozens and dozens of calls,  emails, and feedback (some of which you saw on my sales letter for this course) saying that this training has changed their lives.  It has produced results, and given people a chance who otherwise wouldn't have any chance to be a success at all.

The system I will teach you is a simple system that does not require a lot of time on your part before you experience some success. What it does require is a burning desire to learn and apply the principles I'm giving you.  It requires unerring resolve to apply the principles well:  No flinching, no watering them down, no diluting the results that you could so easily have achieved, if you had taken the right steps in the first place!

This is not some off the wall training exercise in the woods, or some diversion on my part- this is central to my life's purpose and it's my passion. My passion is to succeed, to set you free, at least financially. It is a matter of building a unique team of those who experience success, and share financial freedom with the rest of the world.  The cost of your freedom's up to you.  You could waste your time and money on expensive programs which do nothing for YOU.  

But I can tell you this - if you are not financially free, at least, you will have a very difficult time trying to help anyone achieve  any other kind of freedom: spiritual or otherwise.

When you are a success, your mind is free from financial worries.  It's truly free to explore anything that interests you. You'll see that real financial freedom is not about learning a 'system' but knowing that you can make money at will, anytime you want by implementing a few simple steps.

Everyone of those steps are included in these Lessons.

I wish you every success. Please mail me your success stories. They mean more to me than anything and encourage me to continue developing this program to make it better and better.

Your training starts right now.  So...

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I wish you all much success!  

Rolfe H. Green
Success Trainer
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