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As I move into my seventh year online, I look back and wonder where the time has gone. During those years, I have seen so many people come and go. It is a real shame when I look at the reasons why they are no longer there. Getting quality traffic to their websites should have been their first priority, along with building a mailing list of their own. However, most people get distracted and lured into the “Get Rich Quick Schemes” which ultimately lead to their downfall!

I have written this book in the hope that you will begin to understand the importance of generating quality traffic to YOUR web site everyday. By using these simple, effective, and reliable techniques, you will at least have laid the foundations for building a stronger more profitable business.

To become truly successful online, there are two areas of your business that needs your 100% attention and focus.

1.       Your mailing list...

2.       Generating quality traffic to your website on a regular basis.

This book is going to focus on generating traffic and how you can begin to get thousands of people viewing your website day in, day out. Ultimately, getting thousands of website visitors will help you to build a good, quality mailing list. My experience also tells me that there will be many people who will ignore the advice given here, and continue to use other more complicated techniques. It is those people who will fail to make an impression, and eventually they will give up and blame everyone and everything for their failings.

The simple truth is these people only have themselves to blame if they do not succeed. The key to making this system work is to be consistent. Follow the guide, put it into action. Follow it everyday for around 30 minutes. You will soon start to see results.

Please note: Some people may need to scroll down when watching the videos in this book, depending on their monitor resolution.

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• The Secrets To Generating Quality Traffic

• Keeping It Simple

• Start Generating Traffic

• Explode Your Traffic

• Automate Your Advertising

• Other Ways To Generate Large Amounts Of Traffic

The Secrets to Generating Quality Traffic

For someone who has just started out online with their own business, it would be easy to thinks that getting visitors to your site has many secrets. Unfortunately, many people believe you need to be a technical wizard to use all the different techniques available. It is true that there are many ways to get traffic, but there are no real secrets to this as you will soon see. Even if you have no experience whatsoever, by following the steps laid out in this book, you CAN start to generate quality traffic to your website.

This book is going to show you the simplest way to start out. After all, once you begin to get traffic, you can start to make sales or get people joining your program. This ultimately starts to produce income which itself, gives you more times to study other ways to get traffic, many of which require investment beyond most people’s means. Understand this first fact. THERE ARE FOUR SECRETS TO GENERATING QUALITY TRAFFIC.

Anyone can generate traffic; it is a matter of doing certain things each day. This book will show you what to do.

Keeping It Simple

I have written this book so that everyone can understand what to do, whether you are brand new at this or, indeed, an experienced marketer. The reason for this is that many experienced marketers forget the basics to generating traffic. They try to complicate matters by utilizing various techniques that they have no real understanding of.

Remember you must build a strong foundation to your business, so even if you are experienced, you need to sometimes get back to the basics if things are not going as planned. I know as I have done this many times. It can take a while to start getting 10,000 hits a day to your site, but once you start to get that many visitors each day, you will find your business growing very quickly, providing of course your site has something worth seeing!

So, let’s now show you some very simple ways to start out. Follow the steps laid out in the next section. Watch the videos to see how it is done. I cannot guarantee you success of course as, ultimately, that depends on you. However, do as the next section suggests and you will start generating quality hits to your chosen site each and every day. Start Generating Traffic

There are programs available for you to join for free that will allow you to advertise your website to other members of that program. All you have to do as part of your membership is to view other member’s sites. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? These programs are called “Start Page Programs,” or “Traffic Exchanges.” They were setup originally to help the Internet Marketing community promote their websites to other marketers. Often they have developed and changed. Some software has been introduced to help members automate the viewing of sites; however, many of these programs have become wise to the software and have taken step to prevent it working. For many members, their Start Page Programs were just not worth using with so many people using this automated software. Although they were getting hits, they were worthless. Now things have changed and, by using the right programs, in conjunction with the techniques in this book, you can start to drive quality traffic to your sites once more.

So what is a Start Page Program? To explain this in simple terms, when you open your Internet Explorer, or Netscape browser, you automatically go to a website. For some it may be or, etc, etc. Start Page Programs rotate the first page that appears in your browser. You open your browser, view another members website, and in return for doing so, you begin to build “Credits” in your account.

Let us use a simple formula here to help you understand how this works. You view two websites of other members. In return for doing so, you will receive one visitor to your website. The programs vary on how many times you must visit other members’ sites for you to receive one hit to your own, so the above example may differ. When you visit another member’s website, you will be required to leave the window “open” for a set amount of time. This can vary from 15 to 30 seconds. Once the timer has finished, you can then move to another site by clicking on a special “icon” or place on the website. Only when the timer has finished and you have clicked in the correct position, will your account be credited. Watch this short video below which will show you what a Start Page Program looks like.

Click Here now.  (Please send email address to send the video link.  Use the links below to see the Start Page programs!)

Now I want to show you how you can use these programs to begin generating quality traffic to your website. There are hundreds of Start Page Programs available; however, very few are worthwhile. After a long time using these programs, I have whittled them down to what I believe to be the most effective, which in turn produce the best results. Also, I have tried to utilize programs which need real people and not software to generate results. Below is a list of the top programs I recommend. You will need to join each of these programs. Don’t worry. There is no cost involved as you can join all of them for free. Do this now and then move to the next section for further instructions. Click on each link below and join each program. Each link will open in a new window on your computer to an individual Start Page.

Hit Safari








List Volta

HillBilly Heaven


Web Dawg
Affiliate Funnel

Free Report "How To Build Massive Traffic On A Shoestring Budget"

Now that you have joined each of the programs above, it is time to organize yourself with these programs. First, you should have received a welcome email from each of the above programs. Keep these safe as they contain important information. Each email will contain the following:

Your Surfing URL

Your Referral URL

Your Member Login URL

For the next exercise you need to open up your text editor. This could be Notepad, Word Pad, or indeed Microsoft Word. From each of the programs copy the “Start Page URL” or “Surfing URL.” Then paste them into your text editor. If you are not sure of how to do this,

CLICK HERE to watch a short video. (Send email address for the video link.  In the meantime use the browser link below to see how it works...)

Again this will open in a new window on your computer. Once you have all ten start page URLs in your text file, you will need to save the file to your desktop. Make sure you save it to your desktop so it can easily be found. Next, you need to go to the following URL and download the Crazy Browser. Install this on your computer. This browser will become an important part of your business over the coming months. The link below will open in a new browser window on your computer.


The main advantage of the Crazy Browser is that it lets you open up new windows without closing the one your are viewing. Again, this is important as you will soon see. So, now that you have your Crazy Browser installed, you are ready to begin generating hits.

Click Here to watch a video (Send email address.)

which explains how to set up your new Crazy Browser with your Start Page links. This will open in a new window once more. Before you go any further with this book, make sure you set up your two surfing groups as described in the video above. Surfing each group for at least 15 minutes each day, will begin to build your credits in each of the program.

Now, you need to make sure you have entered your website into your member’s area so that others will start to visit your site. First, you need to decide which web page you want others to visit. A few tips here for you.

1. The site you choose MUST be fast loading. Remember, it may only appear for 15- 30 seconds, so if it takes longer than that to load, you will not get the response rate you desire.

2. The page MUST attract attention. You will have around 5 to 7 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention; so, when your page loads, it must be powerful.

3. Capture pages are normally the best to promote. A short powerful message with a great free offer is good. A subscribe box is essential to capture the visitors details.

4. Use the same page for all of the programs. Some people may need to see your site six or seven times before they finally read it thoroughly.

Providing your site meets all of the above criteria, you will over time find this system working well for you. So, now you have chosen your website to promote, you need to login to each of the program’s member area.

Once there, study the back office and see where it is you need to enter your Website URL. I will not use an example for this as nearly all of the member areas are different. Please note that with some of the program, you will need to ensure, your website meets the standards. Some allow pop ups and others don’t, so please check before you enter a website using pop ups. Also, as you build credits with some programs, you will need o login and “assign” those credits to your website. In other words, please check each of the member’s areas to see if you have completed everything.

Now, the second part of your Traffic generation begins. The more people you refer to these start page programs, the more hits you will receive. All of these programs will reward you for referring new members. Begin building your down lines in these programs, and you will receive extra credits for referring them, and when they surf, you also earn extra credits. The programs vary as to how many levels deep you can refer. Yes, this may take time to achieve, but all good things come to those who are prepared to work and wait.

Explode Your Traffic

It is important to remember to utilize the last section and surf both your groups in Crazy Browser for at least 15 minutes each day. Do this religiously. Set aside just 30 minutes a day to do this. To take this system to the next level and Explode your Traffic, you will need to begin referring others to your Start Page programs. You can do this in two ways. Either advertise all your links to others, or give this book away for free. You can now get your own CCN Affliliate website. You can have your own auto responder linked to your own website. Giving this book away for FREE has helped me personally recruit hundreds of new members into various programs, and build a mailing list of over 3000 quality people in just four months. To get more information on how you can have your own CCN Affiliate Website, visit:


Giving this book away will build your down lines in all of the programs above. It really does work, believe me. Below is a photo from one downlink I have in one of the programs above. … You can see I have used this book to refer 159 people to date. Your Down Line Level Referrals

                1                159

                2                  97

                3                  85

                4                  65

                5                  53

                6                  86

Automate Your Advertising

Do not make the mistake of overlooking this section. It has worked wonders for me and the best part is it is FULLY automated and requires no work after it is set up. Although the start Exchange programs will bring you thousands of hits each day over time, there are some other things you should be doing each day to bring even more people to your web site. As you may know, there are hundreds if not thousands of Safe Lists available for you to use. Although not as effective as they were some years ago, used correctly, they can still bring you a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, it can take a lot of time to login to each Safe List and then send out emails. Even if you use the best automated software you still need to do something each day.

Now though, you can use the CCN Affiliate The Most Powerful Ads System. A small monthly fee means you can register with all the Safe Lists by clicking one button. You can then set up your ad and have it automatically sent each day. You don to need to login each day to send it. It has many other useful advertising tools and comes highly recommended as it will save you time and generate hits to your website.

Go to

For more information visit the CCN Welcome Page to learn about CCN Freeads & 'Net Marketing! Welcome To CCN

Another great way to get quality traffic is a new program that is taking the Internet by storm. Not only can you get great quality traffic, but you can also make a few extra dollars doing so. CCN Affiliate Membership has been put together by an advertising expert. It pays its members to advertise their own business. These ads generate traffic and income for its members. Certainly, it’s worth checking out.


Other Ways to Generate Large Amounts of Traffic 

So, what else can you do to continue getting quality visitors to your website? The first thing you need to know is NEVER EVER pay for guaranteed visitors. No matter how tempting the prices may be, please do not waste your money. Search engines will of course bring you quality traffic; however, it takes a long time to get your site listed on the first page of any search engine. Even then you will probably be “outbid” by another site similar to your own. Most search engines are using pay per click advertising now, so if you have money to use, then check them out.

Many online marketers shirk at the mention of FFA Pages; however, these can still be used effectively to drive quality traffic to your site, and help you build your mailing list. I use 3 of these programs to bring in new subscribers to my Ezine. Last month over 260 of them subscribed. Not only that, because I recommend people to my FFA sites, my down line is building and I make a regular monthly income from them. So, in effect, I had 260 quality subscribers to my Ezine, and go paid for it also! Not bad when you consider it only takes 5 minutes a day to organize. Before you visit any of the recommended programs below, please be aware you will need to take a paid membership with them in order to receive leads each day.

Receive 50,000 Free Leads, Links To Success, And A Million Dollars Worth of Training When You Sign Up As A Free Associate With The Daily Income Maker

EZWealthSolution - 1000 Leads Daily!

Fast Forward Your Income With Viral Friend Generator

Once you join the first two, you will receive an email each day with a list of leads. Yes, there will be duplicates and some bad emails; however, amongst them will also be good leads. With the third program you will need to login to your back office and download the leads from there. You will be allowed to send each of these leads one email. So, send them an email with the subject line: “Please confirm your posting.” In your ad, just mention the following: “Thank you for posting your ad to my FFA Page. You can now get your free bonus as advertised.” Then include your new CCN Affiliate website link.

This works great and adds over 250 subscribers a week to my mailing list. So there you have it, simple, effective, and cost-efficient ways to begin generating massive amounts of traffic to YOUR website. Do not be fooled into thinking there are simpler ways to do this. The truth is you WILL need to do certain things each day. The more hits you get, the more sales, members, or subscribers you will get. It is as simple as that. Do not try to complicate this as it will only lead to frustration and failure. I wish you every success with your online business.


Rolfe H. Green



Please note: The information contained in this book does not guarantee your success. It is purely meant for informational purposes only and should act as a guideline to helping you with your online business. Ultimately, it is you who will decide if you are to become successful or not.



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