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Bob Williams passed away in a car accident leaving a legacy of successful network marketers.
Bob's audio, no longer available, showed his journey from bankruptcy to wealth using a simple formula of success.   

And it showed his passion for other people's success!

So, time marches on.   He was an inspiration to all.

We offer this message from Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, in its place.  

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New Marketing System is
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Disclaimer: To utilize this system-You don't need Marketing Experience, Sales Skills, be good looking or have a High IQ. Yes, so all of you can even Get Rich with this.

My name is Bob Williams and I’m going to warn you upfront. 99% of everything you’ve heard before this is Pure Hype. While I’m not here to be your boss; I’m here to show you exactly how I went from Bankruptcy to Hundreds of Thousands in just a few short months.

I’ve tried or looked into Roadmap To Riches, Easy Daily Cash, MLM, Real Estate Investing, Passport To Wealth, Global Abundance Program, Perfect Wealth Formula, Cash Gifting, and Dozens of worthless Home Business Opportunities. Sound Familiar?

Only The Friend Network has everything YOU need to become a Millionaire.

See if you can relate. I remember this like it was yesterday. I answered an ad and walked into a Meeting where everyone was Polite, Courteous and Genuinely Happy to meet me. (I should have seen the Warning signs.)
There was a guy with a Rolex, Armani Suit and shoes made out of some Exotic Dead Animal in front of the room drawing circles and talking about Getting Rich. Everyone was sitting up in their chairs, laughing at all the stupid jokes and nodding their heads in agreement like a bunch of Bobble heads. (Of course these were all the same people trying to get into my wallet.)
To make a long story short, I bought into the theory of making a list of friends (Warm Market), Finding 3 who’ll Find 3 Who’ll Find 3…and purchased $5,000 worth of Water Filters, Weight Loss and some liquid Mineral that tasted like Salt Water mixed with Vinegar.

I know this might surprise you…IT DIDN'T WORK. In fact, 98.5% Fail Using Those Methods. I’ve never been an "A" Student, so I failed.

"I'm so Confident that You’ll see exactly how to Retire Wealthy with our Proven Success Formula that I'm willing to send You and a Guest to Cancun, Las Vegas or Orlando just for taking a look…No Purchase Necessary.  How’s that for 100% Confidence." 
Bob Williams
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Damian Benko TestimonialI just want to express my sincere gratitude for this business and those with whom I work with. I am blessed to be a part of this Incredible and Dynamic organization that has exceeded expectations for their help and support. I simply login in to our Private Marketing Site and have everything at my fingertips. Where will I market and what I say is already done for me. I just simply “Copy & Paste” and make a fortune. The money is made from the SYSTEM. I plugged in and did some marketing. (Spent a couple hundred bucks) And a couple weeks later the sales started rolling in. This is as easy a washing your hair. Copy, Paste, Market and Make Sales then Repeat. I am now making sales on a daily basis and can spend a ton more time enjoying my family. Thanks again.

Damian Benko
Alpharetta, GA

Paul Verigin TestimonialMy name is Paul Verigin. I Live in a small community in Southern British Columbia in Canada. I became reasonably successful in an industry that had a very detrimental effect on my physical health – breathing toxic formaldehyde fumes mixed with very
fine wood dust. This experience plugged my lungs and forced me to give up my job. I did not have sufficient savings to retire and too late to start a new vocation.

I made a few investments with the hope of building up a retirement portfolio but needless to say NO SUCH LUCK! In actual fact I lost most of everything I worked so hard to accumulate. I concluded that if I was to survive the Internet was my only hope. That experience was a challenge as well.

As I was searching for an online business opportunity I stumbled on an AD placed by Bob Williams.. His story was so familiar to me that I joined and am now marketing this opportunity. I know in my heart that I found the one that is going to make retirement what it was designed to be. Bob is an exceptional teacher and he is working for our group. I am on my way. Join me. We will succeed together!

Diana Hester TestimonialI started marketing with the wonderful system that Bob Williams put together for this group just 5 1/2 weeks ago. In 30 days we have earned $20,937. On April 1st our house was going into foreclosure because my husband was a victim of downsizing 8 months ago and because of his pay level, had been unable to get a job. When we saw this business, we saw hope, we saw a way out, and we took it. We both work together, he with operations and technical support, helping the people who join our group, and I handle the marketing which is my expertise. We are using our talents and making lots of cash. What a difference a month can make! This has truly been our success and it can be yours too!

Diana Hester
Houston, TX

I've been in PPTW for 11 months and have made over $136,000 so far including $6,000 the first week of March 2008. (see proof here). I even took a month off During July & August for a mission trip to Africa and made 7K while I was gone with no ads running. I'm just following Bob's Turnkey Marketing Plan. It works great. The key to success is to drive traffic to your website and the sales will happen. This is the first internet business I've ever made any money on. And, believe me, I've tried them all from Coastal Vacations,PAS, EDC Gold, and Several Gifting Programs. And none of them were anywhere close to this program. If you'll just follow the turnkey marketing plan, you'll succeed

Ron Hammond
Reno, NV