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"Other People Have Paid $1,000s In Travel Expenses To Attend This World-Class Event...

... But I'm Giving YOU And A Handful Of Other Serious Entrepreneurs The Chance To Join Me For The ULTIMATE Internet Marketing Bootcamp...

Right From The Comfort Of Your Home!"

After hosting 19 Internet marketing bootcamps across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, my world tour is finally coming to an end...

... And to celebrate, I've decided to give a select few people the ULTIMATE Internet marketing bootcamp experience.

  1. You'll hear me speak 'live' on stage about how I became Corey Rudl's #1 protégé -- with NO marketing degree and NO college background...

  1. You'll discover how -- with NO advertising budget -- my company used a powerful system of Internet marketing and traffic strategies to grow $25 into over $60,000,000 from behind the scenes.

  2. You'll have the opportunity to ask my personal team of Internet marketing specialists unlimited questions about your business...

  3. You'll network and form valuable business alliances with the other attendees!

... And you'll do it all from the comfort of your home!

From the desk of Derek Gehl
May 26, 2007

Dear Friend,

After my good friend, mentor, and colleague, Corey Rudl, passed away in June 2005, I set out on a world tour with 2 ambitious goals:

... First, I wanted to give our 1,000s of loyal customers and subscribers the opportunity to get to know me, and the rest of the IMC team who would be continuing Corey's legacy, in person -- and give as many people as possible "one on one" face time with me.

... But second, and more important, I wanted to do Corey proud and give our customers and subscribers the chance to honor his memory by joining me in various cities around the world for The ULTIMATE Internet Marketing Bootcamp:

I hosted a two-day, world-class seminar where I gave subscribers an "insider's tour" of how I worked side by side with Corey for the last 7 years to turn $25 into over $60,000,000 in Internet sales.

Plus, if you did NOT have an Internet business yet, I showed you how to get started in as little as 48 hours -- so you could be generating profits by the following weekend.

And if you ALREADY had a business, I showed you how to drive 1,000s of NEW visitors to your website (using my FREE and dirt-cheap traffic strategies), plus how to convert these visitors into thousands of dollars in NEW sales... instantly!

... And unlike other seminars you may have attended in the past, where you got nothing but crumbs and a long-winded sales pitch, this event was NOT about "selling from stage."

Instead, for 8 hours a day, I got on stage (with a BIG coffee and bottle of water) and gave my guests nothing but REAL "meat and potatoes"...

"Every Guest Left This Bootcamp With
My PROVEN 30-Day Action Plan For
Increasing Your Internet Income..."

I made sure EVERYONE left my Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamps with a concrete, easy-to-implement 30-day action plan for starting and growing your business.

And the emails and letters I got after each event PROVED that people were actually going home, implementing what they'd learned, and making serious profits quickly...

Here are just four of the amazing success stories I received from guests...

"She Made $100,000 In 3 Days!"*

"Amanda Montoya left my bootcamp in San Francisco with TONS of ideas for increasing her online income...

Before attending the event, she'd made $90,000 in 7 months...

Not bad, right?

Well, after applying just a small handful of the newsletter personalization, email marketing, autoresponder techniques, and database ideas she learned at the bootcamp...

Click here to hear
Amanda's story...

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... Amanda sent ONE email campaign that generated $100,000 in just 3 short days!

Plus, she DOUBLED her client database!"

Amanda Montoya

"After 11 Years Of NO SALES, He's Making
$2,000-$3,000 Per Month Consistently!"*

"Lawyer and real estate developer Larry Clapp built a website to sell his book on prostate cancer in 1995...

... But he didn't start making any money until he attended my Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp this past year.

Now, after 11 years of NO sales, he's already making $2,000-$3,000 per month using the salescopy, website design, search engine optimization, and blogging strategies that he learned.

Click here to hear Larry's story...

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... Plus, he's now converting 500% MORE of his website visitors into buyers!"

Larry Clapp

"Mike's Subscription Rate Nearly TRIPLED Just
Three Days After Attending My Bootcamp!"*

Quote from Mike:

"I'm very excited! I attended your seminar in London and thought you might like to see what's happened to my subscriber sign-up rate since then (see bar graph).

This result is because of changes I made to my website after attending this awesome seminar.

The information you gave out was (as always) extremely valuable to someone like me who is fairly new to Internet marketing.

I know where I'll be looking from now on when I need to develop my business. Thanks to all of you who were at London!"

Mike Herberts

"This College Student Made $200,000
Before He Was Old Enough To Rent A Car...

... Now He'll Make $1.1 Million This Year!"*

Quote from Jermaine:

"I recently attended one of Derek's seminars in Newport Beach, California, where I was BLOWN AWAY by the new techniques and strategies he shared...

... My biggest 'ah-ha' moments came when he talked about whitelisting, bonded mail, website optimization, and even the latest eBay selling tactics.

I've followed Derek's email marketing strategies for years. In 2002, using the Internet and email alone, I brought in $200,000 as an 18-year-old in my 375 sq ft college dorm room.

These days, using the same strategies from Derek's seminar, I've reached a milestone in my sales with over $1.1 million online in the last 12 months!

Since Derek's last seminar, I've had three record-breaking months and my pay-per-click conversion is at an all-time high.

All I can say is, when are you coming back to California?"

Thanks Derek!

Jermaine Griggs, California

Click here now to read MORE success stories!

Why are people getting such outstanding results after attending this event?

Because unlike so many other seminars, where you're LUCKY to leave with just 1 or 2 gems, every guest who attended my Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp left with a serious case of writer's cramp and...

... At least one (if not TWO) notebooks JAMMED full of ideas, tips, and strategies they could use to start and grow their businesses in as little as 30 days!

"My World Tour Is Now OVER... But If You Missed It, Here's Your Chance To
Participate From Your Living Room!"

Of course, all good things must come to an end.

And after hosting bootcamps in 19 cities across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, I've decided that it's finally time to end my 14-month road trip...

... It's been an amazing journey, and I've enjoyed meeting 1,000s of our customers and subscribers along the way.

However, after a year of living in airports, too much hotel food, and missing countless holidays with my family, it's time to get "back to business."

So to celebrate, I've decided to do something really special:

I know many of you were never able to attend one of my bootcamps (maybe I never got close to your corner of the planet), so I've decided to bring my "Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp" to YOU!

Yup, that's right...

I've come up with a unique way for you to experience my ULTIMATE Internet marketing bootcamp -- including networking with hundreds of other guests and asking unlimited questions of my team of Internet marketing specialists that I always bring to these events...

... Without leaving the comfort of your living room!

"See Over 7 Hours Of The Best Video Footage, Captured By A Professional Film Crew!"

I decided that if you couldn't attend my bootcamp, I needed to invite myself into your home -- where you could see the entire event on YOUR television, in YOUR living room.

So I hired a professional camera crew to film one of my very LAST bootcamps, and they captured my every move on stage for an entire weekend...

... Until there was over 19.5 hours of video footage to be reviewed!

Then, I rolled up my sleeves and spent nearly a WEEK in the editing room, working with my team to hand-select the very best footage from each day to be included in my "Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp Videos"...

So you get over 7 hours of pure, "no B.S." Internet marketing knowledge and inspiration that includes strategies like:


What my company secretly did, from the trenches, to grow US$25 into over US$60,000,000.00. You'll learn the exact strategies I used, with NO marketing background and NO college degree, to become Corey Rudl's #1 Internet marketing protégé and make him MILLIONS of dollars!


How I built and grew a private online community of 5,000 paying members and over 100,000+ subscribers -- in less than 2 years. Whether you've heard of Internet Marketing Challenge or not, you'll be astonished by how easy it is to attract PAYING members to your very own online community!


How we automated the company so money is automatically deposited in our bank accounts! Have you ever wondered HOW MUCH of a multi-million dollar company can be automated? I'll tell you -- and demonstrate how YOU can do the same thing!


ALL the tools and strategies we're using to attract over 450,000 visitors to our sites... every week! (That's over 1.8 million visitors per month, over 23.4 MILLION visitors per year!) HINT: To start, you won't need an "advertising budget" when there are so many FREE traffic strategies you can use!


You'll see ACTUAL EXAMPLES of real-world promotions and marketing campaigns we've used to dominate our industry and generate over US$12,000,000.00 in sales last year alone!

6. Discover how we ranked #2 in Google for the highly competitive term "Internet marketing" -- without even trying! Plus, learn how we rated the 1,549th most popular website on the Internet -- out of literally MILLIONS (Alexa.com)...

... plus TONS more!

"I'll Teach YOU To Profit Using The SAME Strategies I Used To Grow Online Sales To Over $12,000,000 LAST YEAR ALONE!"

Just like during my "Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp," in this 6-part DVD series, you'll see me speaking live on stage about what I do to make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS with our company...

... And I'll be showing you how to mimic, model, and outright steal some of our most profitable marketing strategies and apply them to YOUR business.

You'll learn such secrets as...

>> The #1 research tool for finding NEW lucrative business ideas that absolutely NO Internet business owner can afford to be without... and how to access it for FREE!
>> Secret strategies for establishing lucrative partnerships, where you do the "selling" and collect 35% to 55% of the profits while your partner looks after actually "fulfilling" the orders.
>> How to start a website for less than $100! If you're just getting started, you probably don't have a big budget. So I'll show you how to start using cheap and FREE resources, then how to "upgrade" when the sales start rolling in!
>> The #1 way to sell quality, brand-name products on your website for a profit... and avoid "dirty work" like stocking, packing orders, or shipping! All you worry about is the marketing!
>> How to develop a brand-new product (for FREE!) in less than 2 weeks.
>> Four "top secret" strategies to instantly increase the value of each customer -- guaranteed! (Use all four together and watch your sales leap by 86%!)
>> How to rank at the top of the search engines and directories (like Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, ODP, AllTheWeb, Ask, and more!)
>> Advanced affiliate strategies, including how to find people with big lists and lots of traffic, and effortlessly persuade them to promote your product.
>> The secret to effective follow-up. (Are you only contacting your subscribers once about your promotions? Discover how to instantly capture 33% more sales!)

... And like I said, this is just a small sample of what you'll be hearing about.

You'll get over 7 hours of video footage, in a massive package of 6 DVDS with an accompanying 167-page workbook that looks like this...

.... PLUS, it also includes video footage of "advanced strategy" sessions, where you'll be privy to information that, I would estimate, less than 5% of online marketers know about (yet), including...

Advanced Session #1

"I'll show you how to avoid being labeled as a 'spammer' and having 80% of your email DELETED...

PLUS -- Learn how to guarantee EVERY email you send to Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL subscribers gets delivered!"

I simply CANNOT overstate how important it is to understand "blacklisting," "whitelisting," and "RBLs."

If you don't know what these words mean, there's an EXCELLENT chance that your business is losing money by the truckload!

These days, it's not uncommon for marketers (even *experienced* Internet marketers) to have their email "trapped" and deleted by ISPs and email providers -- before it even reaches your subscribers -- because they think it's spam.

For example, did you know there are organizations that can prevent delivery of 50% to 80% of your email because a handful of subscribers FORGOT they'd opted into your list and reported you as a spammer?!

It's TRUE!

... And did you know that they can put YOUR domains and IP addresses on "blacklists"... so that 100% of the email you send to a particular ISP or email provider is BLOCKED, filtered, or bounced -- and NEVER delivered.

... If you think this sounds scary, you're right -- it is!

If you're not paying attention, this can have a dramatic impact on your profits from your email campaigns... your newsletters... even your customer service emails!!!

(Do your customers complain that you don't reply to their emails -- even though you ALWAYS reply promptly? This might be the problem!)

Fortunately, these are relatively EASY problems to fix -- once you know what to do, who to contact, and what to say!

"This ONE secret took us 2 years
and cost over $100,000 to learn...

... But I *give* it to you 'live' on stage!"

It's taken us over two years and we've spent more than $100,000 finding a solution to this problem...

(Spam activists typically don't want to hear from you, even if you're NOT a spammer, so it can be HARD to contact them when your legitimate email gets unfairly blocked by the spam filters!)

... But we've FINALLY got it figured out, and I'll reveal everything in these videos including:

>> How to virtually GUARANTEE that all your email gets through to Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL subscribers. Getting "whitelisted" with these mega-services took two years of research. But now that we've done the legwork, I'll tell you how you can do it, too!
>> The NEW Spam Police. Now that the "Feds" have started policing email, it's even MORE critical to the life of your business that you follow the rules. Learn the new laws... what changes you need to watch for in the coming months... and how you can stay abreast of industry changes without reading 1,000s of second-hand reports and newsletters!
>> Find out what 'triggers' the spam filters to DELETE your emails. Once you understand this, you can follow simple rules that will dramatically improve the chances of your emails getting delivered... NOT filtered as spam!
>> Get the little-known secrets to bypassing spam filters altogether! I'll tell you the simplest and most effective ways to ensure that your email isn't tagged as spam. If your message is getting trapped in spam filters, your subscribers will NEVER see it!

... plus much more!

Advanced Session #2

"Discover How I Made Over $3.5 Million Last Year
-- Just Using Email Marketing!"

Do NOT believe the rumors about email marketing being dead:

I made over US$3.5 MILLION with email marketing last year alone!

And smart online marketers are still using email to generate millions of dollars each and every day. But -- as you're about to discover -- the rules for what WORKS (and what doesn't) have changed...

Here's a small sample of what we'll be covering:

>> Our "top 5" most profitable email campaigns and how you can steal them for YOUR business. We rely on each of these at least once a year to move truckloads of merchandise that -- in some cases -- might have otherwise headed for the trash!
>> How to generate up to 33% more sales with the "not-so-secret weapon" that we've been using for years -- without ever lifting a finger. (This strategy has been around for ages, yet MOST online businesses are foolishly ignoring it. Are you?)
>> How an advanced "list segmentation" technique has skyrocketed our sales in the last 8 months. (HINT: The more you know about your customers, the more money you'll be able to extract from them!)
>> The BEST way to collect your visitors' email addresses. Think using pop-ups is still the best way to get people to join your list? If so, you're losing untold numbers of customers -- and profits!
>> How you can make up to 40% more on EVERY one of your email promotions from now on. (Think about that one... What would an extra 40% in sales mean to you?)
>> How to write subject lines that are SO intriguing, your prospects literally cannot stop themselves from opening your email. (The trick is to do it WITHOUT looking like spam. I'll tell you how, and then give you TONS of real-life examples!)
>> Our "no-fail" 12-step formula for writing email promotions that attract swarms of qualified buyers right to your website. Just fill in the blanks for your next email promotion and it could send your sales through the roof.
>> Single opt-in or double opt-in. (Find out the surprising reason why the way you're collecting email addresses may be suffocating your business!)

... and much, much more!

Advanced Session #3

"How we got 10,000 new subscribers in less than
24 hours
-- using a NEW technology that's up to
2,500% MORE effective than email!"

Over the last 7 months, we've been experimenting with a hot new technology that VERY few businesses know about yet.

... It lets you send advertising and messages straight to your customers' computer desktops -- WITHOUT using email!

And the results I'm ALREADY getting with it are outstanding...

I'll show you firsthand:

>> How you can use this brand-new technology to bypass email and send messages straight to your subscribers' computer desktops! Plus, how you can do it with ZERO competition... and NEVER be accused of "spamming!"
>> How we generated a staggering 67% response rate on our very first offer using this technology. (You'll see the sales formula we used is easily applied to ANY business model!)

The little-known strategies we used to get over 10,000 NEW subscribers -- in just 24 hours!

>> The remarkable three-step sales process we used to convince 56% of visitors to make an immediate purchase. (We had our accountant double- and triple-check the numbers just to make sure we weren't imagining things, but it's true!)
>> How this breakthrough technology lets you laugh at spam filters, blacklists, and every other email headache.
>> Why you MUST start using this technology within the next 4 to 6 months! I'll show you why this is a LIMITED opportunity... and why you MUST start using this before your competitors -- or risk giving up a significant market share!
>> Real-life examples of my most profitable campaigns! See actual promotions we've launched using this technology, including the copy and sales process -- then steal our "templates" and use them immediately for YOUR business!

... and much more!

Advanced Session #4

"The Fastest Way To Make Up To 500% More Money
-- With What You're ALREADY Selling!"

Want an easy way to dramatically increase your site's profits?

It's simple... Focus on your salescopy.

But consider yourself warned:

Most of the information about writing salescopy that you see on the Web was written 2 or 3 years ago... so you can't trust it! What works and what doesn't for salescopy on the Internet changes very, very quickly... what works THIS MONTH may not work NEXT MONTH at all.

That's why I'm so excited to tell you that the information I'm about to reveal to you includes salescopy secrets that are working for us today!

Many of the test results you'll be hearing about will be less than 48 hours old when I present them "live" on stage, including:

>> The top 10 essential components of a long copy salesletter. This is the first time we've ever gone into such detail about how our salesletters have been able to sell over US$60,000,000.00 worth of products and services. (I use this 10-step formula for every single salesletter I write...)
>> The one crucial salescopy step that almost EVERY business owner skips -- with often tragic results! (It's what I call the "Scan Test," and if YOUR site doesn't pass, I can guarantee you're actually driving your customers away.)
>> When -- exactly -- in your salesletter to mention the price of your product. (Tell people your price too early and you'll scare them off... Leave it too late and they'll lose interest. I'll tell you the perfect time to reveal your price so that they're actually excited to buy!)
>> How to create bonus products that make your offers impossible to resist. (You want your prospect to be thinking to themselves... "I'd have to be insane NOT to buy this!")
>> The FOUR biggest motivators to get your visitors to buy from you TODAY! The biggest sales killer in the world is "Let me think about it..." I'll show you four powerful tactics that compel your visitors to become customers right now!
>> How to write a headline that will grab your visitors by the eyeballs and drag them D-E-E-P into your site. (If you've ever struggled with how to write a powerful headline, I'll give you a ton of examples that you can outright steal from me.)
>> How to make your product a "can't lose" purchase for your customers. Want to instantly DOUBLE your sales? It could be as simple as putting a more powerful guarantee on your website!
>> Ten easy ways to INSTANTLY increase your visitor-to-sales conversion rates. Implementing all ten of these powerful "tweaks" would take you less than 30 minutes, but could send your sales and profits through the roof!

... and much more!

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tricks for growing your Internet business!"

Claim your FREE subscription to my bi-monthly "Marketing Tips Newsletter," and I'll send you 100's of tips and ideas for starting and growing your own profitable Internet business...

... Using the SAME strategies we've used to grow a $25 investment into over $60,000,000 in online sales.

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"I've Already Got 10-12 Ideas That Will Be Worth $5,000 to $10,000 EACH... Per Year!"*

Mike Ruge, CA

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"Fantastic... I Know This Information Will Be Worth $1,000s Per Month To My Business!"*

Alfred Petterson
British Columbia, Canada

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"I spent the break on my website,
making the changes Derek suggested...

... He explained it all in plain English
I could understand!"*

Ann McIndoo, CA

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"Gobs of information... Fantastic! And it was all relevant -- you're guaranteed to get results!"*

Ed Amaral, CA

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* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results which do not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

Advanced Session #5

"Where To Find Dirt-Cheap Pay-Per-Click Traffic That'll
Drive 1,000s of Targeted Buyers To Your Website!"

Pay-per-click search engines make their money by charging YOU every time someone clicks on your ad.

And you'd better believe they want as many people as possible to visit your site, since it means more of YOUR cash goes into THEIR bank accounts!

But to make the most of your pay-per-click marketing, YOU should be focusing on quality, not quantity!

Once you've perfected this system, you'll be paying less money per click for better traffic than your competitors, and I'll show you how, including:

>> How to GUARANTEE you make money with ALL your pay-per-click ads! Many small online businesses get murdered by paying too much for the wrong pay-per-click listings, but my simple formula ensures that this NEVER happens to you again!
>> Don't be fooled into bidding on wimpy, overpriced search terms! Learn why, in many cases, the MOST EXPENSIVE keywords are the least effective... and how to choose keywords that will result in a stampede of qualified visitors!
>> Three FREE (or cheap) tools for uncovering your most profitable keywords. Find out which keywords will pay off (and which ones will flop) before you buy your first click! You CANNOT run a successful pay-per-click campaign without these...
>> Secrets for cashing in on the mistakes of "lazy searchers!" (There are a couple of very common mistakes that people make when looking for information online -- and YOU can be the one who benefits from their clumsiness.)
>> Ultimate keyword bidding strategies. Bid incorrectly on your Pay-Per-Click Traffic, and your bank account will pay the price... I reveal the innermost secrets that a small group of "pay-per-click masters" do NOT want you to know!
>> How to pay FAR less than your competitors and STILL reach 40% of all active Internet users. TIP: Sometimes bidding on a "Top Three" keyword is NOT your best strategy! Find out when and why to bid on lower-ranked search positions.
>> How the new "Google AdSense" program can transform your business. (Even if your site doesn't sell ANYTHING, you could be getting BIG checks directly from Google -- every month!)
>> The RIGHT way to manage your pay-per-click bids. Did you know that you should be making 200% - 300% MORE than you are spending on your pay-per-click ads? Find out how to tweak your ad campaigns so that your returns are always sky high!
>> Advanced targeting strategies. "Exact match," "phrase match," "broad match," "geotargeting." These are all high-level advanced Pay-Per-Click techniques that have the potential to boost your conversion rates -- and profits -- dramatically, and in almost no time at all!

... and much more!

Advanced Session #6

"How To Score A Top Ranking In The
Search Engines...

... WITHOUT Resorting To 'Dirty Tricks'!"

Search engines are the ultimate free traffic machines!

A top 10 listing can mean thousands of highly qualified leads flooding your site every single day.

Click here now to see a screen cap of our #2 ranking for "Internet marketing" in Google! (As you can imagine, it generates TONS of traffic for our website... and I'll tell you how we got this ranking without even really TRYING!)

... But getting those high rankings is now even tougher than ever! And many of the "tricks" that website owners use to "sneak" their way into a Top 10 position can wind up getting their sites banned!

In this special presentation, I'll show you how to dominate the free search engines without resorting to dirty tricks!

You'll learn:

>> How to get top rankings in the Big Three: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Almost every search conducted online goes through one of these three giants, and getting to the top of any (or all) of them has the potential to make you and your business VERY rich...
>> Eight "sneaky tricks" to avoid at all costs -- even if your competitors are using them! If there's one thing the search engines hate, it's being manipulated and -- sooner or later -- the cheaters get caught... and punished! (I show you how to get to the top the RIGHT way...)
>> Advanced optimization strategies. Getting lots of relevant links from other high-ranking sites is important, but HOW do you do it? I'll tell you how to have your page linked from some of the biggest sites on the Internet!
>> How to quickly and easily create a network of content-rich "information pages" to drive your search rankings higher. BONUS: These "mini-pages" will also drive a TON of eager buyers right to your sales page!
>> The "do or die" rules of search engine optimization. There are a few things you NEED to know before you ever start trying to "optimize" your site. Find out what they are and how anyone (even if you don't know a thing about HTML) can make their site more "search engine friendly."
>> How to ethically (and legally) "spy" on your top-ranked competitors -- and find out what they're doing right! No need to "reinvent the wheel..." Just see what the sites ranked at the top of your category are doing -- and then start doing it too!
>> The THREE online "search engine optimization (SEO)" tools that NO online business can afford to be without. If you're serious about high search rankings, then you absolutely MUST be using these three resources. Period.

... and much, much more!

Advanced Session #7

"My Personal Predictions And Recommendations For Profiting Wildly During The Next 12 to 24 Months..."

We've always taken pride in giving you the latest, most up-to-date info available on making money online.

Here's just one example:

We were one of the first to recommend email marketing back in the mid-1990s, and we told our customers about using pop-ups to build their lists back when pop-ups worked like wildfire...!

So I want to give everyone who attends this exclusive event a look into my "crystal ball," where I will reveal:

>> The Top THREE profit streams you should focus on for the next 18 months. Don't JUST focus on the search engines or you'll MISS OUT! ... The real money over the next year and a half will come from just three "mega-opportunities" that you may be ignoring!
>> The rise and fall of the search engines. Sometime over the next few years, free search listings on sites like Google, Yahoo, and MSN will NO LONGER be a reliable source of traffic for small businesses. Find out why -- and what you can do to prepare yourself!
>> The coming shift in how customers will relate to their favorite businesses. (Hint: A "personal" relationship will become more important than ever, and I'll show you how to add those personal touches -- automatically!)
>> How niche businesses in non-Western markets (Asia, India, South America) will cash in during the next 3 years -- and how YOU can get in on the action! (The "dot-com boom" is just about to hit these emerging markets. It could be the opportunity of a lifetime!)
>> The secret to taking advantage of the expected increase in "online trust." Shopping online will soon be as routine to most people as a trip to the corner store -- and this could mean BIG profits for you!
>> The key secrets to profiting from the additional 400 MILLION new users that are expected to come online by 2007. Unlike a traditional business, the Internet allows you to target as many of these new customers as you like!
>> Preparing your business for an increasingly "regulated" online world. We've already seen the "Feds" get involved in how businesses market themselves with email. I'll reveal the surprising NEW areas I predict the government will set their sights on next!

... and that's just for starters!

"Many seminars just throw out crumbs,
but Derek gives you REAL 'meat & potatoes'!

... This is information I can implement today!"*

Dave Brogan, CA

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"I've tripled my income with these tools!"*

Elaine Klinner, FL

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"Listening to Derek supercharged my energy...

... There was no fluff or filler -- he gave us the
SAME techniques he's using right now! "*

Shawn Byfield, ON

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* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results which do not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

Advanced Session #8

"My Foolproof 30-Day Action Plan

A Wildly Profitable Internet Business!"

One of the most common questions I get asked by people who are just getting started on the Internet is this:

"OK, I've decided to take the plunge and start my own online business. But I have NO PRODUCT and a SMALL BUDGET. How can I do it!?"

So for the first time ever on stage, I'm going to reveal how *I* would start an online business today if *I* had to start over again from scratch!

You'll learn:

>> Why looking for a product to sell should NEVER be your first step. I'll tell you what to look for instead (and where to find it) so you can practically guarantee the success of your new business.
>> Create a hot product in 14 days or less -- with what you ALREADY know! The single fastest way to REAL online wealth is to create your own product. (HINT: You can even have someone else create it for you cheap... I'll show you how!)
>> Five lightning-fast ways to start making money online today -- even without a product to sell! I don't care if you don't even have an idea for a product yet... One of these five "undercover" businesses could be making you profits within the week!
>> How to avoid starting a business that you'll end up hating. Choosing the right business model is crucial! One wrong decision at the start and you could end up flat broke and miserable... I'll show you which "red flags" to beware of!
>> Uncover lucrative niche markets that are too "small" for most businesses. (They'll "only" generate between US$100,000 and US$1,000,000 per year in revenues!)
>> Learn the 8 things you MUST test on your website -- immediately! The ONLY reason we've been able to rake in over US$60,000,000.00 is because we test these 8 things on EVERY one of our websites!
>> How to get a professional looking website -- for CHEAP! How much can you afford to spend on website design? Five dollars? No problem! You CAN get a great looking site for next to nothing, and I'll show you where!
>> Start taking credit card payments from your customers immediately... even if you have crummy credit! Do you have an email address? A bank account? Then you WILL be able to accept Visa and MasterCard payments at your site starting today!
>> Pre-launch site checklist. I've seen too many businesses killed in their first week online simply because they didn't test a few key elements of their site before "going live." I'll tell you exactly what you need to test BEFORE you send a single customer to your site.

... and much more!

I'll Even Show You Case Studies Of People
Making $100,000 to $2.5 Million Per Year
(Or More!) With Surprising Businesses...

Forget Amazon.com and eBay...

My favorite online success stories belong to people just like YOU who started with nothing -- and now make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from their living rooms and kitchen tables!

As part of this info-packed, two-day seminar, I'll be showing you real-life examples of REAL PEOPLE who now make US$100,000.00 to US$2.5 Million per year with some very surprising Internet businesses (just in case you think all the good ideas are taken)!

For example, you'll hear about....

Bert I., Florida

He makes US$187,000.00 per year playing video games -- working less than 14 hours per week!

Chris E., Australia

This 23-year-old guitar player made US$200,000.00 last year -- from his spare bedroom, working less than 2 hours per day!

Melanie B., Hawaii

She makes US$8,000.00 per month PROFIT -- from the Big Island of Hawaii!

Len F., Atlanta

He quit his day job in FOUR WEEKS... and he's made US$120,000.00 in the last 6 months!

Jermaine G., California

He'll make US$1.1 Million this year -- and he's not even old enough to rent a car yet!

... plus many more!

"Since I heard you speak last September,
I've nearly DOUBLED my income!"*

Barbara Jennings , CA


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"I'm definitely coming back to
Derek's next seminar...

... I wrote notes furiously!"*

Karen Lockwood, CA

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"This is absolutely the best Internet
training seminar I've been to!"*

Darryl Warren, CA

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* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results which do not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

"Best Of All, You'll Get ALL The Benefits Of Attending One Of My Bootcamps...

... Including Networking With Other Guests, and Asking Unlimited Questions Of My Staff!"

Of course, what makes this opportunity REALLY special is that I've found a way for you and the other handful of people to actually enjoy the 'live' seminar experience...

... I'm talking about the chance to hear me speak 'live' (not just on video)... ask questions of me and my staff... and actually network with other attendees!

Because while guests of my Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp are always astonished by the sheer volume of cutting-edge Internet business strategies I give away from the stage...

... The other comment I typically get from attendees is how much they enjoyed the chance to ask questions directly of MY OWN staff -- my personal team of Internet marketing specialists who work on MY $60 Million businesses every day.

PLUS, the chance to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Most people walk away from my events with 5-6 lifetime business connections and joint venture partners!

It's hard to place an exact dollar value on this 'live' experience of interacting with me and my staff, and networking with other guests, but most people have told me this has instantly added $1,000s in profits to their annual incomes.

Super Bonus #1:

"Get On The Phone With Me
For 1 Hour Every Month... FREE!"

(A $194 Value, Yours Absolutely FREE!)

I've decided, to help you REALLY get the full, in-person experience of attending one of my bootcamps, it's not enough for you to just watch the series of 6 DVDs I'll be sending you.

... I want to give you the chance to hear me speak 'live' every month!

So I've decided to give the first handful of people to claim my "Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp Videos" a FREE 2-Month Membership in my brand-new Internet Entrepreneur Club!

For one hour, every month, you'll have the opportunity to get on the telephone with me and the other "guests" of this event, where I'll be giving you...


Actual test results from my personal Internet marketing labs -- on everything from email campaigns, affiliate promotions, and search engine strategies, to eBay marketing techniques, salescopy, and web design secrets!


Industry updates carefully researched and collected by my own team of marketing specialists who work 24/7 to stay up-to-date on ALL the hottest Internet marketing topics.


Advanced warnings and tips for dealing with upcoming industry changes and trends that may positively (or negatively) affect your business!


Interviews with REAL PEOPLE making six-figure incomes with their Internet businesses -- so you have the chance to learn from THEIR successes!


My HOTTEST tips for building wealth online quickly -- without taking financial risks or wasting your time!

... plus tons more!

The world of online marketing is constantly shifting and changing. So it shouldn't surprise you that no two of my bootcamps were EVER the same.

At each event, I always took at least an hour to give my audience the latest industry updates -- so they were leaving with my BEST, most current tips for amassing wealth online!

And that's why, I want to make sure that, just like every guest at my Internet Millionaire Protégé Bootcamps, each month you get a current snapshot of the industry...

... So you have the best possible chance of success!

Of course, don't worry if you can't make the phone call each month! Because I'll be recording every single one, and shipping it to you on CD, along with a set of "cheat notes" and current resources you can use to grow your business!

Super Bonus #2:

"Network With Other Online Entrepreneurs...

... And Ask Unlimited Questions Of My
Private Team Of Experts!"

The second thing I really want to do for the first handful of people to claim their copy of my Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp DVDs is re-create the networking experience that my guests always rave about...

After all, what's the point of attending a world-class seminar with hundreds of other motivated entrepreneurs if you don't spend some time networking? ;-)

So I've decided to create a private discussion forum (100% online) where you can go to chat with other guests... and ask unlimited questions of my staff!

I'm confident that, if you approach this with a positive attitude, you will grow your "inner circle" of successful business associates who will:

  • Help you generate $1,000s in "extra" sales by getting a second opinion from a seasoned Internet business owner (instead of your best friend or your sister who knows NOTHING about online marketing)!

  • Save money and effort by trading secrets and learning from each other's mistakes! Why reinvent the wheel when you can follow a proven path to success?

  • Create win-win profit opportunities for BOTH OF YOU -- through lucrative joint ventures and partnerships!

... And even better, since my own team of Internet marketing specialists will be moderating this private discussion forum, you'll have the opportunity to ask my staff unlimited questions about your business -- just like guests who attend my 'live' bootcamps!

Participation in this forum is valued at $49 a month... But since you'll get guaranteed access as part of your FREE 2-Month Internet Entrepreneur Club, access to this powerful online Internet marketing community is yours absolutely FREE!

Super Bonus #3:

"Skip The Writer's Cramp With My
167-Page Workbook and Profit Planner!"

One of the compliments -- and complaints -- I always got at my bootcamps was I covered so much information, so quickly, people found it difficult to make notes on EVERY point.

With the entire weekend captured on DVD, you can obviously pause, rewind, and replay any critical information you miss -- or want a "re-fresher" on.

But it's still going to be difficult to take notes on 7 hours of footage!

So to speed up your learning curve, and ensure that your viewing experience is relaxed and comfortable, as a special bonus I'm also going to send you a FREE copy of my "Profit Planner Workbook" ... a 167-page resource guide to the entire set of 6 DVDs.

Every critical note, resource, and tip has been carefully documented -- so you can focus on absorbing the information... instead of just trying to write it all down!

And provided you're among the first few people to claim your copy of my Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp Videos, this detailed Online Profit Planner is yours absolutely FREE!

"Participate In My LAST Bootcamp From The Comfort Of Your Home -- With NO RISK!"

It wouldn't be quite honest for me to say that you'll learn the same strategies that I share with the people who attended my Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamps...

... Because, since you'll be getting over 7 hours of video footage on 6 DVDs, a 167-page Profit Planner and Workbook, plus a FREE 2-Month Membership to my Internet Entrepreneur Club, you're actually getting MUCH more!

Just the 3 Super Bonuses alone are valued at over $487.00 (but yours free)!

And since you participate in THIS event from home, you do NOT need to worry about *any* travel expenses to get there!

Because while many people paid $1,500 to $3,750 in airfare, hotel, and meals to attend this event -- you can do it all from the comfort of your living room or home office!

And since I couldn't make it to EVERY corner of the planet... I wanted to make sure this information was both affordable and accessible to ANYONE who wants it.

So after some careful consideration, I've decided to give you this entire package for the very reasonable investment of just $297.00.

PLUS -- you will also be guaranteed a reserved seat in my NEW Internet Entrepreneur Club. You'll enjoy a FREE 2-Month Trial, and after that you'll be 'grandfathered' in at the low investment of just $97 per month... a membership that you can CANCEL at any time, no questions asked.

If you're not interested in getting the "complete" seminar experience, and you'd just like to watch some video footage of the event, you're welcome to claim DVDs #1 and #2.

On these DVDs, you'll see video footage from Day #1 of the bootcamp, where I discuss how to research hot product ideas, how to create your own best-selling product, how to build a business around multiple streams of income, write salescopy that converts visitors into buyers, and design a website that sells, plus much more... all for just $197.

Still a great bargain.

However, if this page is still here, it means that all the seats have NOT YET been claimed in my Ultimate Bootcamp Experience...

... So you still have a chance to claim all 6 DVDs plus the FREE 2-Month Membership in my NEW Internet Entrepreneur Club, and get the complete experience for just $100 more.

An incomparable bargain. And better yet, there's absolutely no risk...

My Ironclad, TRIPLE-CONFIDENCE Guarantee!

I already know that anyone who watches these videos is going to be inspired to start their own profitable online business (if you haven't already) or supercharge the income from your existing business. Period.

And I'm SO confident of this that I'm willing to assume 100% of the risk with a guarantee that embarrasses everyone else in my industry...

"Get these videos, keep them for THREE entire months, and watch them as often as you want. If you decide -- for any reason and at any point during that time -- that my "Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp Videos aren't worth $1,000's in future profits for your business, simply send them back to me and I will happily refund your complete purchase price."

No hassle. And no questions asked!

"Claim Your Spot In The Next 2 Minutes..."

Like any 'live' bootcamp you attend in person, the spots available for my Ultimate Bootcamp Experience are being strictly limited to a select number of people...

... This will guarantee maximum networking opportunities for attendees, plus give you quality one-on-one time with my staff who will answer any questions you may have!

If this page is still available, it means there are still a few seats left!

However, given the excitement surrounding this announcement, I don't expect these spots to be available much longer.

So if you'd like to get the SAME information that 1,000s of others are ALREADY using to grow wildly profitable Internet businesses... PLUS, enjoy a real-life bootcamp experience without leaving the comfort of your home... I highly recommend you claim you spot immediately.

You can get started in one of four ways:

1. Click here now to claim your spot using my Secure Server. Remember: If you're not thrilled with Ultimate Seminar Experience, which includes the 6 DVDs and 167-page workbook in my Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp Videos, plus the FREE 2-Month Internet Entrepreneur Club Membership, just send the entire package back within 90 days and pay NOTHING!
2. Call toll-free at 1-800-595-9855 (8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Pacific Time) and mention "publication number 915974" to get the THREE Super Bonuses mentioned above. Outside of business hours please leave a detailed message on the product you are interested in, your call-back number, the best time to call, and the publication number.
3. Click here to print out an order form to mail or fax your order.
4. Click here to have us call you for your ordering information.

The entire package is shipped via Federal Express, and you can expect to receive it within 5-7 business days. We will also be in touch with "start dates," call times for the tele-seminars, and password instructions for the private discussion forum (all part of your FREE 2- Month Internet Entrepreneur Club Membership).


Derek Gehl, CEO
The Internet Marketing Center

P.S. Don't forget... My world-tour with my Internet Millionaire's Protégé Bootcamp is now over and I don't plan on hitting the road again for at least another 18 months to 3 years.

I'm only hosting this "virtual bootcamp" -- sending you over 7 hours of video footage on DVDs and giving you opportunities to network with hundreds of other guests, hear me speak 'live' on monthly tele-seminars, and ask my staff unlimited questions -- so that those people who couldn't make it to this event have ONE LAST CHANCE to participate...

... And I'm restricting participation to a handful of people -- to keep my costs and demands on my staff's time reasonable.

So if you'd like to participate in the Ultimate Internet Marketing Bootcamp from the comfort of your own home, click here now to claim your spot!


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