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The CCN Affiliate Ad System Currently Has Over 1,000 Safelists with a Total Membership Base of Approximately ONE MILLION  members that you can send Your Ad to. 

You Can also Blast Your Ad everday to 1,000,000 FFA sites, classified ad sites, directories, and malls.

You Get Your Own Search Engine Submitter


Plus Lots More
  • Auto join all the safelists in our database using your choice of username and password. You can view the results of auto joining or put into a queue and walk away.
  • Set and Forget Posting.
  • Unlimited ads will be saved no need to keep adding them each time you want to send your message. 
  • Up to 10 ads can be rotated or a single ad can be posted. 
  • Post your ads from our server.
  • A large variety of safelists that will continue to grow.
  • Safelists are monitored. When they go down they are allowed 7 days to come back up. After the 7 day time limit is up, they will be deleted from our list and you are notified of the deletion. This does not mean that we will not add the safelists again once they are back up and running. We want to keep our list clean so you know exactly how many valid lists we have.
  • Unlimited Tracking URL's are available.
  • Your banners will be displayed throughout the pages on the network of CCN Affiliate Ad System sites. 
  • We help you promote. We randomly select paid members resellers links and help you promote this program. With our extensive marketing campaigns you may even get signups for doing nothing. 
  • Notification will be sent when new lists are added, so you can auto join as soon as possible.
  • Post HTML or text ads to your lists.
  • You can view the posting in real time to make sure everything is working, not like some other programs that say they are sending your message when in actuality it is going no where. Or you can put it in a queue and close your browser window and keep on promoting.
  • Edit your subscribed or contact e-mail address with just one click.
  • The members area is easy to use. Our step by step instructions will help you along.
  • Change your vacation mode with one click.
  • No software to download.
  • Resellers Earn 75% of the profit on Every Sale each month, whether you are a paid member or not.
  • Your reseller URL is added to all out going messages you post.
  • POP3 Email Cleaner for paid members to clean up to 3 email boxes. (Value, Anywhere from $5.00 Monthy to $40.00 Flat Fee)
  • Our system will only log you into safelists when it's your "time" to send again so that means faster posting for you AND it makes us 100% safelist server friendly!
  • Limited Time Only: We'll give you a 90 day paid membership at prize-palace completly free of charge when you join CCN Affiliate Ad System.  You can get traffic sent to 20 different urls!
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