Most Americans Are Living On A Sea Of Debt

In A Sea Of Debt

Here's A Way To Break The Debt Cycle...

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Isn't it time you got out of debt to be financially free FOREVER?

RE: Breaking the debt cycle . . .

Current liability or asset...

A few days ago I was talking to a new friend and
killer online marketer. He asked me to review one of
his sales videos that he was producing for a project
we're working on together, and . . .
I want to share something with you about that little
video. In it, Mark, shared his story of how he broke
his personal cycle of debt ($40,000 in the red) to a
$3.2 million business online in two years.
Side Note: It's always important to share your story
with your prospects. It makes YOU real on multiple
From there he switched to an explanation of the current
worldwide financial crisis and really brought the point
See, this little situation we've got ourselves into
as a society is unlike any we've had in recent history.
In the past, when there have been financial, national
and international, downturn, sure . . .
People lost their jobs, but they still had some wealth
 - A nest egg in their homes.
Maybe, 10% to 20% equity, so they would sell off and
either rent or downgrade to a smaller home.
This go around homes, on average homes have also lost
value, and as a result it's has left many people
between a rock and hard place.
Unique binds like this cause for novel solutions . . .
At no other time in history could a person learn a
skill, start a business, and have a worldwide audience
for that business all in the span of week.
The millionaires this "novel solution" is creating
is truly a new breed for a new age.

Cash In Hand
What I want you think about is . . .
First, did that piece of knowledge give you value
and new perspective?
I know it did for me the first time I heard it.
It reaffirmed for me just how important we are as
online entrepreneurs creating this "new version"
of wealth.
But here's what's most important.
When you share that level of perspective and history
with your prospects in your own recruiting process
it does 2 things.
1. It gets them to view their personal situation
differently offering powerful insight that, in the end,
will help YOU to persuade them to join you in your online
"cause" to create "new wealth" breaking the cycle of debt
one rep at time in this age of financial crisis
2. It lets "them" see just how much opportunity there really is once they jump into their new business which, again, will help them to make the logical choice to get started sooner than later (with you).
When you share back story, your own personal story, and global perspective in your marketing and educational process you help the lights go on in the minds of your prospects and you'll create a powerful attractive reason for them to join (you).
Sharing such perspective is key to you breaking their cycle of   debt and you creating personal wealth in the process.
To get out of debt, take the training!

To the top,
Your Friend
The Friends Network
P.S. Mark is a smart man, that's why I did an interview with him on the specific strategies he used to grow a $3.2 million dollar business in two years.
It is now available to inner circle members. If you're not a member you're going want to join just for this one training
- believe me. Watch this:

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