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Did you spend a lot of money to enroll in a program thinking that you would get paid, just to find out the product is worthless?  Perhaps, you thought you were going to make money every day, but you saw that it's not true.  When you needed support to build your business, or had questions about what to do next, the support was nowhere to be found (except, perhaps, an unattended forum).  Or you got nothing but advertisement.  'The Company' just continually sent you emails to bill your account, charged you more and more for marketing material, and completely wasted your valuable time, so that you lost your hard earned money.   If this sounds like you, then you are in the wrong business!  If you are tired of the boiler room operation, the before and after charges to your account, and not knowing how to actually make money, then read on...  

Is this your business partner?

Is this your business partner?

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Before you send me a response ask yourself:  Are you actually making money with your website?


Is it working for you, i.e. ‘Are you making the money?’  Or is it just costing you a lot of money to maintain fees, and charges, in an endless bilking cycle?  You may find it takes up most of your time, but you have nothing to show for the investment you made in time and money.


The most basic business proposition requires that revenue exceed expenses to earn net income.  And it is your responsibility to see that you make daily income in the first place.


Does this sound like you?


  1. People are not coming to your website without your buying leads. 
  2. People do not want your product, or really need it.
  3. You have to make a ‘hard sell’ with a Live Business Center for them to make a purchase at all.
  4. You receive a minimum benefit from the purchase.
  5. You think you will make money eventually.  But you never do. 
  6. Instead  it’s costing you more and more to keep buying ‘leads’ and paying expensive host fees.
  7. You have a worthless website you never really own, as you don’t have a product which people really want or need.
  8. In addition, you have to buy a barn full of product or inventory to stay ‘qualified’.
  9. You don’t really need or want the product yourself!
  10. You’re not making any money with it.


Well, you can make money if you are ready to make changes in your life for the better!  Just listen to this…


How would you like to see your average income continually growing and growing?  Enter a business with almost guaranteed practical results.


Find important answers to your questions about actually making money online.  Learn how to promote your products profitably, so that you’re not just wasting your time and losing money.


You could be making daily income.  - Become financially free, and improve the quality of your life!  Promote the right product with the best payback.

Join The Friends Network.  Learn about Word Of Mouth - The Fastest Way To Build Your Business.  Contact us immediately to get answers to your questions.  We will even show you how to make money without those charges!  Pay for your enrollment, and fast forward your income with high speed promotions and patented products in huge demand.  Build your contact list FREE, and make daily income with The Friends Network.


Join our Millionaire Mentorship program by calling us right now.  There is no time to waste.  While your bills keep coming in a flood - due to the fact you enrolled in a billing machine, you could be making money for yourself instead of enriching someone else.  Get the facts, and start making money every day:


Anyone can do this…  We will show you step by step how to succeed in your online business.


But you have to answer the big question your self.  Stop selling what people do not really want or need, and start making a great income with other successful members!


I can actually show you how to make money online step by step for as little as $5.  Just request more information by contacting me directly by reply to this email or free Skype call!  Or visit the following website:

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Rolfe H. Green
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* Disclaimer *  The only guarantees you will find are based on legal conditions - if you qualify and participate actively.  Past experience, may be no indication of future income.  This is not a government job, or a legislator's pension.  You actually have to work at it. We will be happy to give you further testimonials of participant's success!  Take the free tour to learn more.  You could actually do better than you ever thought possible in your current 'job'

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Amazon Prime
Instantly watch over 40,000 movies or TV episodes
Borrow Kindle books
Get unlimited FREE two day shipping no minimum order size

Enjoy unlimited instant streaming movies & TV anywhere, anytime.