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 Welcome to The Millionaire Maker

"People Who Take Unnecessary Risks Waste The World's Precious Resources.
Few People Ever Get Rich By Losing Their Money To Foolish Frauds"

  • NO BOILER PLATE RECRUITING - You can earn daily income without BEING SOLD worthless products and investments
  • NO MLM, FRANCHISES, HYIPS, PYRAMIDS, SCHEMES - No selling, closing, calling any body, because the system is completely automated.
  • NO BAD INVESTMENTS - There is no investment involved, so you don't have to worry about losing your money.
  • NO STOCKS, NO BONDS, NO BROKERS - No more wasteful fees, uncontrolled and manipulated accounts, no more frauds
  • NO HIDING - No worry about unknown speculators, innaccurate contact information, missing financial data, fly-by-night operations, and phony business offices, documents, and records.
  • NO MISMANAGEMENT - No more frauds who mismanage your funds, present phony registrations, licenses, and certificates.
  • NO FOREIGN ACCOUNTS - Keep funds in your own account, paid directly to your bank, 100% profits

Find out how to manage your business from the Top Seller On the Internet with WorldProfit Live Business Center who now offers you this special opportunity to make more money online!

Daily Income Maker

Work with established businesses here in the U.S.A.

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Top Dealer
Jim Carpenter

"As Worldprofit's Top Dealer since 1998, I can tell you, without a doubt, this is the absolute best online business on the Internet. You are thoroughly trained on exactly "HOW" to make money online and what it takes to become an Internet Millionaire. No matter what business you are currently in OR if you want to start your online business with Worldprofit, you will learn through our Millionaire Bootcamp, our recorded online video training, our DAILY LIVE webcasts and much more. For me, I believe that the reason for my 8+ year online success, is due to the 3 co-founders of the Company, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, George Kosch and Sandi Hunter. They work for us EVERY DAY!"

- Jim Carpenter Denton, TX US

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The Millionaire Maker


The Primary Company is still paying millions without fail.  It's an established company that's been in business fifty years.  


Millionaire Maker has multiple income streams!  Many members make over $3,000 daily income, and some earn $60,000 month or more.  Earning a six figure income is not unusual!


This is not an offshore investment or illegal pyramid scheme.   It’s not an MLM, or a franchise, or any other expensive investment scheme.


These are established businesses right here in the United States, paying taxes, with full disclosure.  So, you don't have to worry about your money disappearing, closed accounts, or notices from government about illegal activity.  We’re talking real business in finance, health, travel, and computer software industry.


Our goal is to help ordinary people like you to earn Daily Income.  Some of you will become Millionaires if you follow good business principles and practices, and do what's right.



This is not a scam, or get rich quick plan run by fast talking operators outside of the country.  We will be here long after all those businesses close; just as we’ve been here long before they opened.


Watch your income grow steadily with each day!


So, if your goal is to Become A Millionaire, Join NOW:


The Millionaire Maker


For over ten years we have been helping people like you build their online business successfully.  Here's your chance to Make a Million in a short time.  Work with Established Businesses. 




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 Millionaire Marketing Tips

We recommend that you take your time in evaluating the product .  Ask questions of business management, and research the opportunity.  We have a public, online help center, live business center, and team support.  Anyone who has the desire can succeed at making daily income with the program, even if you have failed in all the other business opportunities in whch you participated.  Work together with a millionaire, and make $3,000.00 a day.  Don't make the same mistakes others do on their own when they encounter snake oil salesmen and slick talkers.


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The Computer Consulting Network

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Welcome To The Computer Consulting Network


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We are confident you will earn daily income if you follow the guidelines we give you in training.  We have a successful graduation rate from the Millionaire Boot Camp.  But we cannot guarantee earnings in accordance with government regulations.