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Click2Britain - Pay Per Call: The New Advertising Service In The UK Search Engine Marketing Revolution!
 by: Lisa Chris

Pay Per Call (PPCa)


Pay Per Call is a new advertising service in the search engine marketing revolution. There are millions of companies in the UK, most of them are small to medium sized businesses which do not have websites will definitely benefit from this new service.

The Local search in the UK is becoming quite important in the past few years. As you may know that, some major search engines have introduced this new local search service recently. This clearly illustrates the importance of the local search.

How does this Pay Per Call work?

Pay Per Call (PPCa) wok similar to the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign & setting up is quite easy & straightforward. Basically, it drives phone leads to your business, rather than clicks to your website.

Pay Per Call enables you to: -

* Sign up as an advertiser
* Choose the product category
* Select the relevant keywords
* Place your ad, containing your company name, address, a short description and a traceable free phone number which will redirect to your actual phone number
* Select your geographic area (local, regional, or national)
* Set up your bid amount
* Manage your budget, bid amount & account using secure 24/7 online account
* Your pay per call advert will appear separately in the search results

The consumers/customers search for your service in the local, regional or national area. The relevant pay per call search results will appear in the search results. When your business's adverts appear in search results, consumers/customers can reach you via the free phone numbers or toll free numbers that, has been provided in your Pay Per Call advert. For each call that comes to your business this way through the web search results, you pay the price per call that you set in your account.

Where will your Pay Per advert appear?

Your Pay Per Call ads will appear across your current Advertising Network, which includes and other search engines and directory sites.

How much does it cost to use Pay Per Call?

Pay Per Call is free for consumers/customers to use. As a Pay Per Call advertiser, your cost per call is based on the price you set in advance for your each advert. The minimum cost per call is 2.00. You can increase this minimum bid value to reach the top level to stand away from your competitors in the search results. In other words, when you hold the top position for that particular keyword/s you receive more calls. That means more sales to your business.

What is the difference between Pay Per Call (PPCa) & Pay Per Click (PPC) advert?

Pay Per Call (PPCa) - You only pay, when your Pay Per Call ads generate a call to your business.

Pay Per Click (PPC) - You pay for the clicks to your website.

Pay Per Call (PPCa) drives phone leads to your business, rather than clicks to your website.

What are the main benefits of this Pay Per Call advert?

* Basically, any local businesses without a web site.
* You pay for the calls that you receive to your business.
* You can directly discuss your products or service with your new consumers.
* This will provide you with higher ROI (Return On Investment) & generates more sales to your business.
* Select your geographic area (local, regional, or national)
* FREE phone number for consumers to call your business. This will be providing you with more sales than ever before.
* PPCa will definitely more beneficial for small to medium sized businesses i.e They all have phone numbers but, not the website necessarily.
* You can choose your time (business hours) & day that your advert should appear.

From the consumer point of view, it will be much easier to call a local business than rely on email to ask details about pricing, programs and product availability. When your pipes are leaking, and you need to locate a plumber fast, people will be searching for phone numbers not relying on email or other sources. So, Advertise with & reach millions of UK consumers.

Pay Per Call Let the merchants dial into local search in a whole new way.

"More Calls Means, More Sales"


About The Author

Lisa Chris - Business Development Manager for new UK based search engine which, brings best british & web search reults. The Great Search Engine for Great Britain


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