So many fail, but a few will be a big success!

The Secret To Success

Is there a Secret To Success? One Millionaires know and use, but the huge majority of people fail to learn with dire consequences?  



"Zero Cost Marketing" means that you can actually start your business with zero ad costs.  It means you can go to work at home and make money without spending more than you have.  It is just like a job at home that pays you upfront.

The difference is you own the business, work in niches that you control.  You can expand your business, make a profit, enjoy your work, and continue making more profits.  Do all that at your own pace without interference from anyone else, without being taken advantage of by greedy network marketers, without losing money on expensive programs that don't work for you, without wasting your valuable time and hard earned money!  

You work profitably, enjoyably, and continually.  That is you can make money! And you can do it at your own pace!

My aim is to show you how to do zero cost marketing so that you earn money online in your own business!

I will give you the links, the opportunity, and the support to setup your business!  In the process you will learn the Secret To Success - why so many fail, but a few become a success!

But first you have to sign up; this is simple to do!  We give you a free bonus of alot of information including free ebooks to stop being a victim, start your own business, and promote it free, as well as make a lot of money.

Don't wait for the offer to expire, and do not fall into the trap of expensive programs that take your money. There is a way to do this successfully, so that YOU become one of the few successes online.

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You'll be able to do this with the help of your Friends in the Friends Network - build your new business.  Your Friends are already Millionaires!  Let's get started.

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Marketing Aim - Use Keywords In Your Own Niche Market

"This is because we want to come up with a microniche so to speak, a niche (or topic) that is small enough for us to dominate but which still attracts enough buyers."


"Secret To Success"


"Zero Cost Marketing"

The reason I am doing this is because I want to make money online with minimum cost.  That is I want to be able to start making money right away.



What keywords should you use. Well, that is up to you!  You may focus on one niche market.  But develop your microniche by meeting a specific need for information!

More keywords:

"Resale Copywrite"


"Online Reseller Training"

Link To Page:

The Secret To Success Training


A couple of key notes about success business

1.  You have to build a team.

2.  You must have follow up sales (residual income).

3.  You must have a system that will continue working.

4.  It must generate cashflows, i.e. people sign up, and pay you automatically.

5.  It must advertise itself.

OK, so what makes some people so successul, while so many others fail?

What is the Secret To Success after all.  Well, that is easy to say - for a Millionaire!

Here are a couple of clues to note, which will help you to understand and solve this mystery.  I hope it will lead you to participate in the necessary training to earn the cashflows of Millionaires.

First we must note that Millionaires, i.e. those who have started from scratch and earned their wealth, do not spend money unless they know what they will receive in return from it, and they know when they receive it - continually!

They also know how much they will receive from cashflows.  If there aren't any cashflows,
they will not be tempted to parcipate in a 'business opportunity'!

Secondly, we must note that they do not work for someone else. So, no matter how persuasive promotions appear to be from counter offers, they have learned to make themselves rich instead of someone else. That does not mean they do not work cooperatively with teams.  In fact it means they actually put team members first.  They know how to play team ball!  They are not selfish players, or ball hoggers.  

They avoid greedy network marketers like the plague.  In this regard view the websites here, and return to this page to continue the discussion about "Zero Cost Budgeting With Maximum Leverage."

We would like to get you started making money right away.  You can sign up for training on anyone of these links!

Show Me The Money Now!!.html

Then learn to do this...

Make Profit

If you wish to be a Millionaire, take the first step here:

Millionaires do it...

There is more I could say about Millionaires, but read the Millionaire Letter if you wish to see
how a top home business expert, a Millionaire, shows online friends how to do it!

Millionaire Letter


It is not too late to learn how to be a success with the Friends Network.  Friends Help Friends To Be A Success.

Friends Network Handshake

Get started on the right track by building your own business!  All it takes is a handshake.  The Friends Network is completely free,  It involves no monthly fees, and works voluntarily!  You can make as much money as you want, find all the leads you need to start your business, and join a group of successful Friends in business who help you every step of the way!

The Friends Network

So, if you have done any of these actions: purchased hosting, advertising, leads, or products from someone else who promised you the World's Profits, and you did so in the hope of making money on the Internet, then you probably are not a success!


Because you have wasted your valuable time and hard earned money.

Because you did not know what the return was on your investment, but created an expense.

Because you purchased hosting, advertising, leads, or other useless information products.

Because you drove leads to someone else's website or business, and they made the money from your efforts, not you!

Because you did not actually promote your own business successfully, did not believe in yourself, but went along with the crowd, and trusted someone else to do it for you who either could not, would not, or did not use the 'tools' himself to which he had you 'subscribe' with a payment!

I will give you some clear examples...

You felt forced to make a lot of money for someone else to make a pittance yourself.  You were forced to work in a
boiler room operation free, and had to force other people into that same position to make any money at all.  It was
called mentoring, but was anything but that.  

You may have signed up one or two people, if  you were lucky, and if you worked at it continually maybe a dozen or
more, but they all quit!  You took the usual MLM route to build your business, network, and made endless phone calls!

You had to buy advertisement, marketing materials, EBooks, and tons of subscriptions to promote your offer (You can't call it a business because you haven't made a single sale with it.) to "who knows who."

You're directed to innumerable social networks and slimmed down text venues to supposedly promote your business, but no one ever seems to care about your offer!

You end up advertising 'leads' for someone else, another exchange business, or promoting link after link ad infinitum.

You find yourself frustrated, confused, wasting time and energy, not to mention mad about it.

You do not have the time to reach people, and have no idea who!

As soon as you attempt to start your business, you are immediately flooded with rediculous counteroffers, speeded up advertisements, and scarcely ever receive a valid response or participate in valued communi-

You keep trying to place your business on a solid foundation.  You try to get a stable foothold, or grip on the business to no avail!  You see the time to work productively just slipping away, and the bills come

That is, you feel like you're immediately wasting your time and efforts on useless products that lead



Are you feeling victimized by professional marketers?  We will send you a FREE Ebook to stop that problem!  Stop buying leads.  Build your own business, not someone elses.  With this approach you build your business, establish relationships of trust with Friends in the Network, and start your Million Dollar Business.  This is real, the resources are you here to do that, and the opportunity is wide open!


There is so much competition and advertisement that you feel overwhelmed; you do not know what message to
communicate successfully!

Does that sound like you?  Well, then, you are a failure!  I am not going to say "Welcome To The Club!"

Because that's not consolation!

If you still feel like remaining in that club, when you could be making money - like a Millionaire - then
you should consider more clearly what you want to do ...

If you wish to keep pursuing some elusive dream by making someone else rich, and not building your own business...

Then you have a choice.  Go here, follow up on the training, and start making a real difference in your life...

Work with renewed energy, see some results, or continue failing?  Stop trying to do your business on the cheap with text messages, or with so called free offers.  If there are no cashflows in your business, and you immediately acquire expenses, more bills, and find yourself in a marketing black hole, then it is about time that you took a real compass reading, orient yourself on Success, and join the best team - Successful people who will show you exactly the score.


Look at the results of our team members (video testimonials)...

Learn first hand how to use Maximum Leverage with Zero Cost Budgeting.  That means you know how much to make
before you spend any more money.

Use Maximum Leverage to receive multiple streams of income with less time, money, and effort, as you build
team business here:

View The Video on Maximum Leverage

Free Millionaire Bootcamp Links

Use Zero Cost Budgeting...

Zero Cost Budgeting...  What is it?

THAT MEANS MAKING A LOT OF MONEY WITHOUT SPENDING ANY - LIKE A MILLIONAIRE!  So, you are able to start making money without going into a hole.  Why is that important?  Well, Millionaires always invest in cashflows, and you don't have to waste valuable time and hard earned money with expensive programs that don't work FOR YOU!  With zero cost budgeting that means making money right away!  We will teach you the techniques we use to get results, and build your own business successfully!

Make your own $1 offer!  Do you have your sites set on making a Million $$?  You must have a serious approach to reaching financial goals, and do whatever it takes to reach it.

How much will it cost you?  How about a buck?

The training is valued at $100s even $1,000s of dollars per month.  This exclusive training has at one time been offered for $3,000 per month, and even recently fetched $300.00 per month in revenue for each class participant.

Sick of paying for leads?  Here's how to get unending free leads!

Get 1,000s of Free Leads fast, and start making money now:

What is the going rate for a personal trainer these days?  $50 per hour?  $100 per hour?  Even more?  Here are the results of our earnings...

Here is how much you can make with this...

Go from scratch to $15,000 a month!

(Earnings And Testimonial URLs)

How would you like to see your business spike like this in just 15 minutes to one hour of your time a day?


Let the system work for you automatically, to sign up, enroll, and follow up new members.  You could relax and drink
coffee in your favorite cafe, or work at home while continuing to make money online.  It's free to start...  simple to do, and easy to understand!

This could be you receiving money - unlimited payments, cashflows everyday, and not someone else!

This successful business approach involves no phone calls!  No wasted time!  No lost money!  Just go here right now,
before the offer expires.  It is a limited time offer.  The offer is limited to a small number of partipants, as we show you exactly the steps we take to secure your success online, how we make sales, and grow business!

Class Video

Class Video

Here are a few examples of people who have gone from scratch to huge wealth...

The Most Killer Conversion System I’ve Ever Had The Opportunity To Witness First Hand

“This has been know to earn it’s creator $51,ooo+ for one hour of work for this former Alaskan Fisherman, interested?”

In this installment of the MLM Underground, we’re going to talk about something that’s a little bit more advanced than the usual, Merging Offline Lead Generation With Online Marketing To Create Breakthrough Conversion Rates And Profits . . . .

To be fair, what I have to say about this particular training is two things: 1. If you follow the advice given you’ll make more money and recruit more people in less time than anything else you’ve tried bare none – 2. This is advanced, so even if you’re not ready to add this piece to your business right now it’s something you’ll want to do as soon as you can.

Here is a sample of what you will be able to do on a shoestring budget!

The Perpetual Free Lead System 2.0

  • Most entrepreneurs begin their business on a shoe string budget and have a tough time generating leads because of this lack of lead flow (I was one of them).

    It never helps when your sponsor’s only solution is for you to go and spend money you don’t have on leads that will never join your business.

    I’ve discovered, but disclosed only once in full complete detail to my closest business partners, the complete system I personally use to generate leads instantly with absolutely no out of pocket expense.

    The kicker is, in this system, I’m still getting leads from work I did three years ago.

    I actually get more leads now than I did when I first put this automated system in place, and the leads this system generates convert into sales and recruits twice as well as more costly means of acquisition.

    I thought long and hard before deciding to include this training because of how powerful and unique this ONE simple step by step process is, but for a limited time I’ve decided to include it here.

    In this one hour and thirty two minute training you’ll discover the exact simple step by step process, and . . . you’ll know the EXACT resource I use. I’ll even be disclosing how to get access to them free.

In A Few Seconds We're Going From Zero To 100 MPH In This Business!


Keep your eyes peeled for what happens next...

'Zero Cost Profit' With Maximum Leverage

Discover The System That Makes Me $46,152.97 In JUST 5 Months With ZERO COSTS


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