Nothing is more important than word of mouth in making sales. The question is how fast is the word getting out about your business?

When people are talking...
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If you are trying Viral links, or any other method of building your business,

you will notice there are problems with finding qualified leads. The same applies

if you are trying traffic exchanges, blasters, and other lead generators. I have

tried those since their inception with free Viral many years ago. I understand

that the new ones promote subscriptions, as they did in the past. But you may

not receive a single lead.

Did you ever wonder why 'Viral Networks' don't work for you?  That is because they pass the buck.  You assume that someone else is going to do the marketing for you and that never happens.  You waste your valuable time and hard earned money on expensive programs that don't work for you:  The boiler room operations, the online gurus, and the overweight programmers who dupe you into thinking you will be able to build your list of 'leads' when actually you are doing the marketing for them.  After all, you have to supply the 'leads' to your own links.  Otherwise, people will not see your webpage!  At any point in a viral network someone can break the 'chain', do nothing, and not subscribe.  Most people do nothing.  They are strangers who have no interest.  That is why you have to build your business in the Friends Network!  That way you don't get outdated, used, or bad lists from 'network marketing gurus'...

But here is a way to put 'Viral' networks in your own hands, control your own cash flow

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The Friends Network is not FaceBook or Twitter or some other blind 'Social Network', which are quickly becoming overrun by ads!  Don't miss out on the income earnings that so many people enjoy on the Internet.  You can do it.  Get the word out!  People want to know about your success, too!


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